Zahara’s Legal Team To Hit True Love With An Expensive Lawsuit


Songstress Zahara’s legal team is all set to go after True Love magazine with a claim of R3-million damages after the tabloid associated her with drugs.

Yesterday, the Loliwe hitmaker confirmed that she was planning to sue True Love for reputational damage.

Apparently, she’s not letting the magazine go scot free after publishing a “misleading” and “tasteless” article about her.

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“I am tired now so I have to start with True Love,” Zahara fumed.

“It’s misleading because when you read inside the magazine in the article there is nothing about drugs.

The tabloid put her as its January cover girl with the headline: “Zahara – Marriage, Drugs & Selling Records”. This infuriated the singer who maintained that in the interview, there was little or no mention of drugs.

Though the interview touched several parts of her life, she only mentioned drugs once when her drinking habit came up. When the interviewer brought up tabloid reports stating that her friends call her house a bottle store, Zahara replied;

“I don’t drink in public because I respect my fans. I’ll never lie and say I don’t drink, I do. I’m of age and I’m allowed to.”

She then added; “I’ve never been on drugs either. I’m clean as a whistle. And that’s that.”

However, when the issue was published, Zahara said the caption deviated from what was discussed during her interview with the magazine.

“They show everything including exclusive pictures of me and then outside because they want to make sales then they put drugs as a headline,” she said.

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“Some people don’t have money to buy the magazine so they will just read the cover and make up their minds on me without reading the inside.”

Meanwhile, a member of Zahara’s legal team confirmed that the star would be taking the matter to court. She is suing for defamation of character.

A lot of people agree that the songstress has a strong case against the magazine which has refused to comment. At first glance at the cover of the January issue, one might just draw wrong conclusions about Zahara.