Zahara Locks Horns With True Love Magazine


All hell has been let loose on True Love magazine as award-winning singing sensation Zahara threatens to sue the tabloid for publishing a “misleading” and “tasteless” article about her.

Apparently, Zahara has fallen victim of a misleading title on True Love magazine cover. One of the cover lines for the January issue of the magazine reads; “Zahara: marriage, drugs and selling records”.

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As a result, Zahara took to social media guns blazing against the publication for its choice of words. A surprised Zahara couldn’t understand why her name should be associated with the word “drugs”.

What’s more, Zahara said the caption deviated from what was discussed during her interview with the magazine. Thus, she’s confused about the choice of words.

According to the songstress, they had agreed on what to discuss prior to the interview and drugs didn’t come up.

“Before the interview we had agreed on what we would talk about. In the interview we talked about hair, body and marriage. I was excited because this was the first time I revealed certain things about my love life but drugs and alcohol was never discussed,” she said.

The singer also expressed her anger and disappointment on social media.

“I honestly hope this is a sick joke from @truelovemagazine, how dare they put this type of headline on their cover! Why associate me with drugs?? This is an utterly tasteless and misleading caption!” she said.

Consequently, Zahara has sworn to take the matter up if the publication does not retrieve all copies of the magazine from shelves.

“If they don’t recall this cover today, I will be left with no choice but to take legal action against them. I’m going out this morning to look for magazines and if I find them, I will sue,” she said.

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Meanwhile, all efforts made by the singer to contact the publication yielded no results. True Love has not made any statement about the issue yet.

Everyone including celebrities like rapper AKA and his partner Bonang Matheba joined forces to condemn the action.