You’re Warned – The Heatwave And Bush Fires Are Chasing Creeping Beings To Your Doorstep


Report has it that you might be visited by a creepy creeping stranger that are among the many crawling beings chased by the heatwave and bush fires out of their usual dwelling places. Based on an EWN report, the heatwave and bush fires across the country are driving snakes into residential areas.

The snake man, Shaun Bodington from the reptile sanctuary – Imhoff Snake Park, warned that they are increasingly receiving more calls from residents who saw the crawling creatures invading their abode.

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Speaking, Bodington disclosed that among the other snakes, we should be wary of the puff adders, as they have been responsible for most of the attacks recorded particularly in the Western Cape.

“The most dangerous snake…would be the puff adder…it bites so many people here in the Western Cape…Not only is it a lazy snake, it awaits an ambush so it doesn’t move around much. Camouflage is unique so you won’t see it that easily. You usually stand on it and that would be a direct threat. It is going to respond and bites are extremely painful.”

Don’t panic much. The snake man added that the probability of dying from a puff adder’s bite is low. Albeit, you’ll make the hospital your home for a considerable long period of time.

It was emphasized that dogs and cats are fatal victims of snake bites and should be taken to a veterinarian as soon as possible in order to save the lives of the animals. “Dogs and cats are fatal victims when it comes to snake bites,” he said and added “but if you get them to a vet soonest they will administer anti-venom and hopefully they’ll be able to save your pet’s life.”

Essentially, the Imhoff Snake Park advised that the first thing to do when bitten by a snake is to call a medical response unit. According to the snake guys, it’s dangerous to rush off into traffic with the intent of getting a treatment when kissed.

“People rush into a car and rush off into traffic and that can be dangerous, especially when you are in a mad panic,” they said. The ideal reaction is to “get hold of a response unit such as the Cape Medical Response, who are equipped to send out medical units. While the unit is on its way, somebody will talk you through the first aid procedures.”

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