You’re Not Weird – There Are Reasons For All Those Feelings Of Yours


Peradventure you were deeply troubled like me on the many occasions you caught yourself talking to no one, perhaps you panicked when it dawned on you that you’ve been gloomy throughout the day from that moment the news talked about the future of South Africa hundred years ahead, and you realize you wouldn’t be alive then. And maybe, many of such strange feelings have encouraged you to conclude you’re weird.

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Well you’re not, the world is. And even if you are, the weirdness is normal. We’re not weird because we do weird things, we are when we conclude and accept the weirdness is abnormal. I mean, we all have odd moods, and they happen for some reasons. So, instead of visiting a psychiatrist and confessing your suspicion of you being partially retarded like I almost did, read about the strange feelings which are completely sane. Like I said, you’re not weird.

1. Let’s Start With All Those Talks In Your Head That Sneak Out Sometimes

This emotion kind of steals your mind and gets you to carry on a hypothetical conversation with yourself over and over in your head. Sometimes it replays an argument in you head, presents you with all the strong points made by your opposition, and you’ll get talking, responding with counter points, saying all the right things you never got to say during the argument. For guys, it can manifest as you practicing asking that dream lady out. You’ll play out her responses and come-up with perfect follow-ups.

The experience is normal and is regarded as Jouska. The compulsive conversation according to psychologists is like a platform that enables us connect more with people especially in an instance where the relationship is sallow and we’re cautious and cannot completely express ourselves. However, do not confuse Jouska with Fugue state. The later is a disorder. If you move about and talk without conscious awareness, and with no memory of your actions, the latter is your case.

2. Enouement – The Shady Urge To Time-Travel

This is about those instances a strong desire creeps on you to travel back to your past and inform the younger you that the future is fine and that the worries then aren’t necessary. Enouement is often regarded as a bittersweet, or a shady-urge feeling of being in the future and knowing what a moment once considered as the future is, but being unable to tell your past self about it. So, it’s normal if you’re unusually frustrated, slightly depressed and feeling unfulfilled simply because you can’t go back to the past you to tell yourself about the future you. You’re not insane.

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3. Ellipsism – Those Moments You’re Sad The Future Will Exclude You

This emotion essentially makes you question why you have to die. It comes with an overwhelming sadness of knowing you’ll never be able to know the way things will be in the future when you’re dead and gone. That sadness that comes with knowing you might not see the child of your grand child, or witness the next millennium is normal and is regarded as ellipsism.

4. It’s Not Weird To Wish For Going Back To Being A Baby

The feeling is known as Liberosis. Here, you desire and long to be careless about things. You literally don’t want to give a damn, and will give anything to give up your adulthood and its responsibilities. You just want to be a child again, to care for nothing and be nonchalant about everything.

Here’s what “The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows” have to say about Liberosis: It is “the desire to care less about things—to loosen your grip on your life, to stop glancing behind you every few steps afraid that someone will snatch it from you before you reach the end zone—rather, to hold your life loosely and playfully, like a volleyball, keeping it in the air, with only quick fleeting interventions, bouncing freely in the hands of trusted friends, always in play”.

5. The Creepy Arousal From An Intense Eye Contact Doesn’t Mean You’re Perverted

The awkward intensity of looking someone in the eye is known as Opia. Opia comes with a felling of being simultaneously invaded and vulnerable. The most embarrassing however is when it invades and leaves you aroused. But even then, you’ve noting to worry about. Many studies have indicated that staring someone directly in the eyes can cause arousal reaction. The issue is not entirely about you being a lunatic who is perverted.

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