Rhodes University: Students Bitter About Police Interference


Students of Rhodes University have protested against the police for arresting students who were protesting the alleged rape list in the campus.

Students were said to have continued with their protest in front of the university’s drama department barricading some of the roads and stopping cars from entering the premises at Eden Grove.

But according to latest reports, around 08:30, police entered the Rhodes University campus, seemingly armed, and started to remove the barricade and some of the students claimed a student was shot with rubber bullets, while others were pepper sprayed in the process.

One student was held in a police van after being pepper sprayed and three students have reportedly been arrested, according to students.

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Meanwhile, the University’s Vice Chancellor Sizwe Mabizela has appealed to police to release the arrested students who had been protesting in and around the campus

While speaking to two police officers – a woman and a man, Mabizela asked them to release students who have been placed in the back of a police van as a lecturer tries to calm down a student who is having a panic attack.

More reports say the police turned down all pleas as they went away with the students and the protesting students reacted by becoming more rowdy and shouting at people around them.

“This is completely unacceptable, I begged them and begged them and they just wouldn’t listen,” said Mabizela

Eastern Cape police were not immediately available for comment when contacted on Wednesday morning.

Students were then urged to meet at the Steve Biko Building as they called on the university to deal with sexual violence on the campus.

Some of the university lecturers have been disrupted while the SRC has called for a “complete academic shutdown” at the campus.

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