Your MBA Alone Is No Longer Enough To Take You To The Top


Latest executive report by executive search and recruitment firm Jack Hammer reveals that a Master of Business Administration (MBA) would no longer be used as a golden ticket to the top.

It would rather be needing higher qualifications as requirement for candidates willing to secure top leadership roles.

The executives were warned on Monday that though higher degrees are part of the requirements needed to assess a candidate possibility of getting to the top, those alone should not be put into consideration to finalize their decisions.

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MBA is one of the most pursued master’s degrees in the country; but chief executive of Jack Hammer, Debbie GoodmanBhyat, said this has lost its element of rarity and as such, no longer carries the weight it did more than 20 years ago.

“In the past, an MBA was a rare qualification, and its presence on a candidate’s CV made it a significant and prestigious addition. These days, MBAs are in abundance and no longer make the same impact,

“It’s become the degree that looks good on your CV as opposed to the degree that will set you apart from your competitors. she said.

Speaking further, Goodman-Bhyat said unlike before where the degree or MBA place a candidate above his or her peer, the qualification of today, simply helps the candidate stay in the game. He added that the perception that an MBA was superior to other Masters degrees in a technical discipline was incorrect, said

Jack Hammer Executive Report Volume III, found that 5 percent of South Africa’s Top 40 chief executives had these. But data in the independently researched publication confirmed that there was no particular preference for the type of M degree.

“The MBA as a postgraduate master’s-level qualification has had the benefit of fantastic marketing, but another master’s – provided it’s from a reputable institution and particularly if it’s a sought-after focus area – will do you just as well, if not better.”

“So before jumping on the MBA bandwagon, those considering further education and advanced degrees should carefully assess all their options before making the time and financial commitments required,” Goodman-Bhyat added

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The report however, called on the department of education to pay much attention on a basic education level especially in relation to maths and sciences as this would stimulate great change in the corporate sector.