Daddy Zuma Says Your Ancestors Will Slay You With Bad Luck If You Abandon ANC


August 3rd is standing around, South Africans will get to elect their leaders again.

Political parties are striving to gather the highest number of votes, and our honorable President has warned that South African ancestors are set to slay their descendants who will abandon ANC and vote for other parties.

His Excellency was campaigning for the coming elections in the North West. There, he told his audience that their ancestors will be observing the elections.

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According to President Zuma, these ancestors will monitor voters who will waste their votes by voting for ‘small particles’. Thereafter, they will slay those who wasted their votes with bad luck.

With that, honorable Zuma begged the people to avoid the wrath of their ancestors and do the right thing.

Reports have it that some ANC Councillors aren’t happy with the party’s candidate selection process. As such, some of them are contesting the local government election as independent candidates and others, under the Forum 4 Service Delivery platform.

Don’t Waste Votes On Small Particles

Zuma referred to the parties that grew out of the ANC as ‘small particles’ and demanded of the people to ignore them at polls.

“The ancestors are turning their backs against you if you leave the ANC and you will have bad luck. I am not even going to talk about other parties, because they have become small particles.

They know they will not win. Why should you waste your vote on them?” Asked Mr President.

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With that,  Zuma reiterated that his party is the only party with sensible agenda for the people.

“The ANC has a task to rebuild and reconstruct the country to create a society as envisaged in the Freedom Charter.

We need to be voted into power to move the country forward. Your vote is important to take this journey forward. You must vote in big numbers,” he charged.