You Wouldn’t Believe ANC Used This Pics To Woo Voters


ANC Johannesburg angered South Africans, especially our ladies when its Twitter account campaigned with the picture above tweeting; “what do make of this new ANC swimwear? #Registration Week #VoteANC.”

Whoever was behind the tweet apparently thought it’s a good idea to use the picture because of the ANC colors therein. South Africans responded with tweet-attacks, lashing and severely scolding the party for the disturbing campaign strategy.  

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For instance, @nomorebullSA tweeted – “@ANCJHB Your continued lack of respect for women is incredible. They’re our sisters, not campaigning tools for leering old men. Wow!”

With many other tweets expressing similar sentiment like the above, Zuma’s party deleted the tweet, and tweeted an apology that said -“Comrades, we apologize for the tweet we posted earlier, it was inappropriate.”

The apology failed to pacify and even gathered more scoldings for South Africa’s ruling party. @solkganyago like many others, responded with a tweet that reads; “@ANCJHB Don’t apologise for a tweet… apologise for objectifying women, that’s what the outrage is about… damnt!” IOL reports.

With that, the ruling party apologized again saying; “Comrades, we apologize to all the women and all comrades for the tweet earlier. Such will not happen again…“

Meanwhile, ANC spokesman in Johannesburg, Jolidee Matongo, reportedly told a local radio station that the ruling party would launch an investigation into who had posted the photograph.

He said; “I received the picture in another account of the ANC, which is a WhatsApp page, and I immediately said to the guys that we can’t be associated with such…If somebody went ahead and put it there, then it’s very unfortunate and they will have to face the music.”

It was Ntsiki Mazwai, the outspoken artist who first warned that the ruling party regards women as sex objects. She stirred a controversial debate when she said;

“I think if you’re female and support ANC YL you’re an idiot. You truly are. Women were not even considered for leadership. ANC just wants you panties….Where is that pic of the girls in ANC panties – that’s all you’ll ever be good for in ANC as a woman. A Panty,” Mazwai warned.

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