Church Leaders Come For ANC For Using Biblical Quotes To Campaign


The ruling ruling African national congress has in the recent times resorted to using words from the bible to persuade South Africans but church leaders have risen to say the party should be mindful of using the same scriptures quoted by apartheid presidents to defend racial discrimination and oppression in the past.

The South African Council of Churches (SACC) which has joined in the call for Zuma’s resignation after the Concourt Nkandla ruling, said the party and President Zuma have failed the country by failing to “defend and respect the Constitution.”

The church leaders sounded this warning to the ANC after the party called out for SACC to allow Zuma remain in office till his tenure ends in 2019.

Ex-Political Prisoners’ Association (Eppa) deputy national secretary Mpho Masemola was reported to have told the SACC to give the president another chance as he (Zuma) has apologized to all south Africans.

“Zuma said he made an honest mistake and accepted the call for an apology. Here [is] a man who is laying down; you can’t kick a man laying down” Masemola said.

“Our men and women in collar should be the first to accept the apology, especially in line with Romans 13:1-7. They can’t sing from the hymn book of the opposition,” reads the statement that the ANC released during a recent press briefing in support of its leader.

The Biblical extract quoted by the party urges people to be submissive to governing authorities irrespective of their conduct as all government are established by God.

Reacting to this, SACC acting general secretary, Bishop Malusi Mpumlwana, said the scripture passage reminded him of apartheid days.

“The last I heard about this (Roman 13: 1-7) was from John Vorster and PW Botha. I would be very surprised if the ANC says that today. When we were justifying the campaign for the ANC for justice in our country, we were told by apartheid leaders that we should accept them because Romans Chapter 13 says we should,” said Mpumlwana.

We could also recall that the party, through its secretary General Gwade Mantashe, urged the people to forgive Zuma as king David was forgiven despite his numerous sins.

Reacting to these, the bishop said: “the church leaders did not publish the moral issues we raised with the President (and) they have nothing to do with the opposition. The fact is that an infringement of the Constitution has been caused by the very custodian of the Constitution.

On the same hand, the Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane has hit out at the ANC following the launch of the its election manifesto in Port Elizabeth at the weekend saying the residents in the area were tired of President Jacob Zuma and that was the reason why the party was not able to fill the Nelson Mandela Bay stadium on Saturday.

The people of Nelson Mandela Bay are sick of the ANC. How do you have a new mayor every year? A mayor is not fashion, you can’t change it every year,” Maimane said  adding that the DA is confident in capturing their second metro municipality during the elections.

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