You Need To See What The Most Expensive Whisky In South Africa Looks Like


If you like expensive spirits and you think you have what it takes to indulge, then this one is for you. The discovery of the most expensive whisky in South Africa has left the city of cape town abuzz with the possibility of who could lay claim to such expensive spirit. But make no mistake about this, to be able to afford this particular spirit, you must have plenty of extra cash to spare.

Unlike designer clothes that will eventually become outdated, this drink is an edition that never goes out of style and whats more, from the time of its manufacture, only 21 people would have the pleasure of owning it. So all you need to do is dig up that extra cash and you will be one of the 21 lucky people to taste and own this unique drink that is made in honor of heroes. Are you curious about this drink yet?

It has been confirmed that the most expensive whiskey in south Africa is the limited edition bottle of ‘Chivas Royal Salute’s ‘Tribute to Honor. The spirit is a blend of the rarest and most opulent whiskies’ from the “archive of liquid history” of the Strathisla distillery, the oldest continuously operating distillery in Scotland. The whisky pays special tribute to the “Honours of Scotland”, the Scottish Crown Jewels and the oldest crown jewels of the British Isles. It is a drink for legends and a mark of absolute wealth.


Tribute to Honour” was created by Royal Salute, which itself was established by Chivas Regal in 1953 as a tribute to the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. From inception, Tribute to honor has not failed and it remains one the most achieved whiskies of the 21st century.

According to the whisky’s Master Blender Collin Scott, the rare blend could only fill 21 bottles, with each costing GBP150,000 which when converted to South African rand will amount to R2.7 million. Nineteen have been bought, and one is behind the thick glass of a cabinet at the distillery.

To better prove the uniqueness of the whisky, the bottle was designed by Stephen Webster, world-renowned jewelry designer and creative director of Garrard, the oldest royal jeweler with a 275-year history serving the monarchy. The bottle is not glass, it is black porcelain with a coat of arms in relief.

royal salute

The bottle rests on a silver stand. Each bottle was painstakingly decorated with more than 22 carats of flawless black and white diamonds, in a design that depicts the three symbols of Scottish power: The Sceptre, the Sword and the Crown.

There are 413 diamonds in total, each individually handset in gold and silver. Aeronautical engineers were consulted in order to adorn each opulent black porcelain vessel, made by French porcelain maker Revol, with jewels. Both the bottle and the stand have coats of arms: lions of gold and a silver sword into which black and white diamonds have been inlaid. Diamonds also encrust the enclosure.


In reaction t the high price of Tribute to Honour, criticisms have poured in on how the drink is not worth the amount for which it is sold. Most people feel the price of a drink should be determined by its taste and flavor and not by the the design of diamond on the bottle which they argue is obviously seems to be the case with Tribute to honor. But arguments or not, Tribute to Honour is certainly a smashing success since only one bottle is left.

So, do you think you have what it takes to be one of the 21 lucky people who would be honored to own one of these? It’s a drink you don’t gulp like any other whiskey, and it is not a drink for just any occasions either. If you want to honor someone who loves a good spirit, this will be a perfect way of doing it.