You Are Justified To Dread South African Police As Criminals


Often times, we’ve heard motivational speakers say things like “Expose yourself to your deepest fear and it will no longer have power over you”. Dear South Africans, the police may not be our deepest fear, we however, have reasons to fear them. And there’s no need to emphasize that we’re asking for a great deal of trouble if we choose to embrace or expose ourselves to this police-fear. We all definitely know that we are probably, better-off without the police. The point is, the South African police is to crime, what water is to seed.

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In a normal scenario, the police should be our major shield against criminal violence. However, as you will read, those paid to be our defenders have become perpetrators. For Instance:

  • A police constable was found guilty 35 charges of raping sixteen women, nine kidnappings, seven robbery, two attempted robbery, and one theft. Just one police constable.
  • Another 30-year-old constable faced 14 counts of rape, nine of robbery, and 14 of kidnapping.
  • A 21-year-old woman who allegedly went to the Seshego police station to report a domestic abuse was raped by a warrant officer there at the Seshego Victim Support Center.
  • A 32-year-old policewoman poured boiling cooking oil on her boyfriend and he died from the injuries.
  • Two policemen were arrested for robbing a Durban man of R500 000 at gunpoint.

Police murder

Just as in the tale of the foolish dog, the police have eaten the bones they were supposed to guard and have wagged their tails for trespassers.  As such, the South African Institute of Race Relations (IRR) in its Broken Blue Line 2 latest report lamented that “as long as the police service remains a home to violent criminals it is very unlikely that South Africa will experience a sustained and significant decline in serious and violent crime.”

With their first study of the crime perpetrated by a police officer, and the disastrous discovery of the criminal atrocities South Africans have suffered from the South African Police, IRR gave recommendations to remedy this anomaly. Nevertheless, in an effort to ascertain whether there have been any positive changes since their first study, IRR conducted a recent study which showed that there has been no “decline in the extent of police criminality compared to what the first Broken Blue Line report found in 2011.”

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According to the report, below are justifiable reasons to dread and see the South African Police as equivalent to the criminals in South Africa.

  1. IRR easily gathered 100 cases of police crimes in less than two weeks. Mind you, these are not all the cases but just the one needed for their study
  2. 32 of the 100 case are related to murders and attempted murders, 22 are related to armed robberies, 26 are related to rapes and 20, related to other crime types ranging from torture to theft and burglaries.
  3. Police criminality is not a series of isolated incidents. Rather, there is a pattern of criminal behavior that stretches from sexual violence, to drunken murders, to planning and committing violent armed robberies.
  4. Police officers will often use their policing powers, as well as official equipment, to perpetrate crimes. In the case of ‘cloned’ officers, criminal gangs appear to benefit from internal support from real officers.
  5. Ideally, the police is expected to infiltrate criminal gangs. However, criminal gangs and syndicates have infiltrated the police.
  6. The police’s defence that people in police uniforms are not really police officers is unconvincing. There is significant evidence that they are police officers, often on duty, in uniform, and committing crimes with their service weapons.
  7. Police officers will often use their policing powers, as well as official equipment, to perpetrate crimes. And in  the case of ‘cloned’ officers, criminal gangs appear to benefit from internal support from real officers.