YCLSA: SACP To Consider Contesting 2019 Election Independently


The Young Communist League of SA (YCLSA) has charged its mother party, the SACP to consider contesting the 2019 election independently, saying the ruling African National Congress has failed countless times, to listen to the people’s cry for change.

A lot has been going wrong with the ruling party ANC, the rift between party caused by the factions; one supporting the seating president, Jacob Zuma and the other supporting the deputy President who now seems to be Zuma’s main opposition in the party.

This internal crisis seems to have some great effects on the party’s partners in the Tripartite Alliance which include the Congress of South African Trade Union (COSATU) and the South African Communist party.

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This negative impact suffered by these ANC partners has resulted to them considering ways to break away with the YCLSA urging its mother party to take the first move so it would contest the coming general election independent of the ANC.

The league had in its special congress in 2015, charged the SACP to begin moves in preparation to contest power through the ballot in 2019 saying it was necessary as the ruling ANC was losing ground in the country following series of crisis within it alongside the number of charges laid against the party leader, Jacob Zuma which has now resulted to people’s vote of no confidence in him.

“This is necessary if we are to lead the implementation of a socialist developmental path that is the only path to addressing the production and reproduction of poverty, inequality, unemployment and underdevelopment,” said YCLSA national chairperson Yershen Pillay when he delivered the Chris Hani Memorial Lecture in Klerksdorp in the North West at the weekend.

Reiterating his call for a separate power contest in 2019, Pillay further noted that since ANC branches and regional structures have decided to turn their backs on the people, the SACP, being the vanguard part of the working class in society, will definitely walk away.

If the ANC, as an organisation, does not want to listen to the society and correct its mistakes and since the ANC stalwarts are finding it difficult to convince the party to hold a national consultative conference to discuss ways of self-correcting by ending factionalism and divisions within the party, then SACP will have no choice but to take leadership of the national democratic revolution and lead society, he said.

However, the YCLSA chairperson criticized the COSATU leadership for stamping their feet on the decision to have Zuma out.

Both SACP and Cosatu spearheaded the calls for Zuma’s resignation following his decisions in the controversial cabinet reshuffle. But as the matter intensifies, Cosatu’s stance on the matter turned contradictory as it joined in the call for Zuma to step down and at the same time, its president S’dumo Dlamini appeared on a public platform in Kliptown, Soweto, supporting him.

“Is there some bipolarism that Cosatu is suffering from that we don’t know about? Whatever the issues are, it is of the utmost importance that Cosatu unites behind a coherent programme to end corruption and deepen, advance and consolidate the national democratic revolution,” Pillay asked.

He also called for former Cosatu-affiliated unions Fawu and Numsa to be brought back into the federation’s fold.

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Diverting to the controversial Nuclear Power Project which the government insists on purchasing despite public criticism of the matter, Pillay said the YCLSA believes that if government can afford to fork out R1 trillion for the nuclear power, it means the government can equally fund free education at all levels.

“If government can budget R1 trillion for nuclear energy, then government can budget for free, quality and compulsory higher education. That is our argument as the YCLSA,” Pillay said.