Xenophobic Tension Leaves One Dead And Four Others Injured In Katlehong


Gauteng police department has confirmed the death of a foreign national who was killed after xenophobic tensions erupted in Katlehong, south of Johannesburg.

The foreign national whose nationality has not been revealed was shot dead at around 6pm last night in a fight between foreign nationals and residents in the area.

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The violence in the area started through a fight between Somali nationals and Katlehong residents, which eventually led to the death of a local resident during the weekend.

Following an argument that broke out between a man who had apparently bought expired meat from a shop owned by a foreign on Saturday, It was allegedly reported that foreigner shop owners then opened fire on residents.

14-year-old Alice Msimango’s son was shot on one of his legs during the wake of xenophobic tensions in the area which has kept him in a critical condition in the hospital.

Alice Msimango says that the community is not happy with the foreigners and wants them gone.

“I no longer want them here. They will continue doing this and we will have to keep on forgiving them.”

Msimango accused the police of not doing their job well and not doing much to ease tensions in the area. She is also under the impression that the Police protect these foreigners, giving them the morale to shoot people.

“Police are also protecting them. They have been allowed to do what they want, shooting people.”

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Meanwhile, four foreign nationals have been arrested on Sunday and will soon be charged with murder.

Speaking for the police, Noxolo Kweza says, “It was a foreign national and this was around 6pm last night. At the moment, the situation in Katlehong is calm.”

Despite the efforts of the police on the case, residents still believe that the police have been biased in the shooting which left one dead and four injured.