Top 10 Highest-Paid Celebrities in the World Right Now

A quick look at some of the highest-paid celebrities in the world according to Forbes records.

The list features both young and old artists who did a great job with their talent. It also has some of the greatest people in sports right now.

Right at the top of the list is Sean Combs, who is likewise the richest musician in the world. Interestingly, though, his wealth doesn’t just come from music, but also from his other investments. People like Taylor Swift who was atop the list previously is now on the 49th spot.

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Just as you will always find with the list of the highest-paid celebs, the list is dominated by musicians who have taken 37 spots on the top hundred. Musicians that made it to the top 100 include Guns N’ Roses, Justin Bieber, Bruce Springsteen, Adele, Metallica, and Garth Brooks.

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Another thing that has made the list very surprising is the absence of many actors. Naturally, we would expect that there would be many actors and actresses, but they only managed to capture 11 spots on the top 100 and none on the top 10. Mark Wahlberg with $68 million, Dwayne Johnson with $65 million, and Vin Diesel with $54.5 million are the highest paid actors.

With 30 people on the list, Athletes have made a good running on the list with people such as Lionel Messi, Roger Federer, Kevin Durant, and Andrew Luck, also making the list. Others that you will find are media personalities, a magician, and authors.

World’s 10 Highest-Paid Celebrities

1. Sean Combs ($130 Million)

Diddy, as Sean is mostly known, is more than just a music star, as he is likewise a very great entrepreneur who has made a lot of money through his clothing line, Sean John. The man also made money from his Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour.

2. Beyoncé Knowles ($105 Million)

One of the biggest ever in the music scene, Beyoncé has money coming from different sources including her tours, sale of her Lemonade album, and she owns the streaming service Tidal together with her Husband Jay Z and Madonna.

3. J.K. Rowling ($95 Million)

An author who has become very popular most especially for her work, Harry Potter, J.K Rowling who is now in her 50s, makes it on the list thanks to her new magic wand, “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.” The work made it as the bestselling book of 2016.

4. Drake ($94 Million)

This rapper has remained one of the most successful rappers in recent times. He has got songs that have not only topped charts but have also won him a lot of awards. Nevertheless, what has helped him to be on the list is the fact that in 2017, he was the most streamed artist online. More so, he has had various endorsement deals with very big brands including Nike.

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5. Cristiano Ronaldo ($93 Million)

While there is the constant argument on who is a greater footballer between Lionel Messi and Ronaldo, what we have seen now is that the latter is turning in more money. This is because he will keep making $50 million for the next three years following his deal with Real Madrid and at the same time, he has an endorsement deal with Nike that is worth a billion dollars.

By the way, he is also the highest paid athlete in the world. He is one of the very few celebrities that have remained on the list for some time, and we may continue seeing him.

6. The Weeknd ($92 Million)  

This musician who is still in his 20s may be the youngest on the list, but he is not the least. One of the biggest celebrities in the world right now, The Weeknd has made a lot of money thanks to the success of his music that has enjoyed massive streaming as well as his Starboy: Legend of the Fall World Tour.

7. Howard Stern ($90 Million)

Stern makes his money from the most unlikely source, the radio. The man who is very controversial has got a contract with SiriusXM, and it is this that has got him this wealthy. He also has some digital investments. Interestingly, this is not the first time that Stern is on the list of the highest-paid celebrities in the world.

8. Coldplay ($88 Million)

This is a band that has become one of the most loved in the world. Beyond the love is the money that keeps coming in. They are able to earn a spot on the list thanks to their Head Full of Dreams Tour.

9. James Patterson ($87 Million)

In his 70s, this writer is the oldest among the 10 highest-paid celebrities in the world. Regarded as America’s richest author, Patterson has been able to sell 9.5 million copies. Also, there are many of his books that are adapted into movies.

10. LeBron James  ($86 Million)

One of the finest basketballers at the moment, Lebron James is not only making records, but he is also making money. He has got on the list as a result of his $100 million deal with the Cavaliers which he signed as well as his other endorsement deals with Coca-Cola, Beats, and Nike. He also has different investments that are sure going to keep money coming in for a very long time, all things being equal.

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