World War III: South Africa Named As Destination To Survive The Nuclear Apocalypse


It is said that the drum beats of World War III are been beaten like never and that a nuclear apocalypse is looming upon the world.

With North Korea’s Supreme leader, Kim Jong-un insisting to dare the United State of America by launching a missile strike near U.S island territory in Micronesia – Guam, and Donald Trump’s threat to respond with “fire and fury” many are anticipating a bombardment of the world.

While North Korea and U.S are toying with the idea of going to war, people are coming-up with plans on how to avoid the strikes and stay alive.

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The quest to remain alive in the event of World War III has engendered several studies on the safest places in the world to survive the war. These studies have listed South Africa as one of the safest places in the globe.

Sometime in 2016, a report advised people to “Stay South” when the third world war breaks out.

“Since all of the world’s nuclear powers are in the northern hemisphere, stay south of the equator,” stated the report.

It buttressed that “countries like Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Argentina are temperate with plenty of space to grow food. And, since they’re well out of the way you’re unlikely to be targeted,” added the report.

Another recent report named Cape Town as an ideal place for surviving the nuclear apocalypse.

“South Africa’s wealthiest city, Cape Town could be a good place to hide out in comfort … Since the African nation keeps itself relatively clear of Western influences, there’s a good chance that Cape Town will be so far out of the way that World War 3 won’t even reach it,” suggested the report.

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The Consequences Of World War III

Records have it that one of the world’s greatest scientist warned in 1949 that a third world war would come with such devastations that will wipe out civilization and take humanity back to the Stone Age.

Albert Einstein was commenting on nuclear weapons at the end of the second world war when he said:

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

Essentially, Einstein warned that the consequences of a third world war might exterminate humanity.