Woman EFF Built A Home Says She Was Bullied To Join The ANC


After Sthandiwe Hlongwane was given a house by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) near the ill-famed Zuma’s Nkandla, she voiced out that she’s scared of her family being attacked. 

“I was glad when I was offered the house but I was not aware it would cause all of this…I now fear that myself and my family members could be attacked,” Hlongwane told the media.

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Later, we learnt from a statement released by the ANC Youth League’s (ANCYL) spokesman Mkhuseli Sondzaba that the woman EFF blessed with a house will be voting the ANC. Sondzaba’s statement claimed that several members from other parties, alongside Hlongwane, were to join the ANC.

“The ANCYL [in KwaZulu-Natal] will also be officially welcoming in the KwaNxamalala Village in Inkandla, former EFF’s number one supporter Sthandiwe Hlongwane,” states the statement.

Now, Hlongwane has explained why she moved her support to the ANC after the EFF built her a home. Based on what she said, we can say she was bullied to affiliate with the ANC. She hoped that joining the ANC will relieve her from being isolated.

“I hope joining the ANC will relieve me from the isolation. People would call me Malema. They would stand on the road and shout ‘Malema’s house’ while pointing at my house. The isolation even prevented me from attending traditional ceremonies in the area,” Hlongwane recounted.

Praising the EFF leader Julius Malema, Hlongwane further related that she wasn’t willing to join the ANC as her heart is still with the EFF. According to her, she embraced ANC because of the unbearable things she encounter because of her supporting the EFF.

Commenting on behalf of the EFF, the EFF spokesman Mbuyiseni Ndlonzi argued that the EFF didn’t help Hlongwane for her to become their member. Adding that the EFF help will continue coming her way, not-minding her political affiliation, Ndlonzi stated thus;

We have no problem with helping people. When we take over the government we will build people houses, whether they are members of the DA, IFP, ANC or EFF. We will build them houses because they are human beings and deserve our services.

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