Not Again! Woman Busts Lover Raping Dog


It’s hugely depressing that perverted South Africans are finding solace in having sexual intercourse with unimaginable creatures.

Early this month, BuzzSouthAfrica reported that three SA boys are set to face criminal charges of animal cruelty for gang-raping a dog in Hebron, north of Pretoria.

The boys reportedly borrowed the dog for a hunting trip only to gang-rape the animal.

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Before that, a 21-year-old man was dragged to court after he was caught raping a goose. Yes, a goose. He intended to kill and feed on the creature afterward. Just read the story here.

This time, a 65-year-old woman, Kathrine Shikwambane almost collapsed when she busted her 56-year-old lover raping a dog.

According to reports,Shikwambane was excessively shocked as she couldn’t comprehend any reason that would drive her lover into getting down with a dog.

“I slept with him the night before. I woke up with him. We made love twice. He seemed satisfied. He bathed and went to work, later when he returned he decided to sleep with a dog. The dog stood quietly while he was helping himself,” a horrified and heartbroken Shikwambane related.

Shikwambane comforted herself and called SPAC to handle the mess.

Speaking, SPCA’s inspector Mishack Matlou said: “we went to the address (and) the dog was in pain. There were signs that it was sexually assaulted. We took the dog to the doctor for medical treatment and it is (now) in the care of the SPCA.”

Confirming the incident, Police related that they have arrested the man.

According to Constable Reneilwe Makwalo, he was arrested after the woman came to the police station and reported a case of bestiality.

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It’s obvious South Africa has to do more to strengthen the 2007 Amendment Act on Criminal Laws relating to bestiality.

The statutory stipulated that:

A person (“A”) who unlawfully and intentionally commits an act—

(a) which causes penetration to any extent whatsoever by the genital organs of—

(i) “A” into or beyond the mouth, genital organs or anus of an animal; or

(ii) an animal into or beyond the mouth, genital organs or anus of “A”; or

(b) of masturbation of an animal, unless such act is committed for scientific reasons or breeding purposes, or of masturbation with an animal, is guilty of the offence of bestiality.

With the number of bestiality incidents recently reported, no soothsayer need to foretell that such absurd happenings will thrive if more is not done to curb it.