‘Witches That Left ANC Will Not Win Elections’ – Sihle Zikalala


The ANC KwaZulu-Natal Chairman, Sihle Zikalala referred to former ANC members as “witches” at ANC eThekwini anniversary celebrations held in Clermont, bragging that them “witches” wouldn’t get votes in KwaZulu-Natal come the local government elections.

First, Zikalala established that while some of the witches were expelled, others left. “There are witches that left the ANC, some were expelled. They tell us that they will win in the local government elections,” he said.

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He regarded the Economic Freedom Fighters as opportunist-hooligans when he spoke saying “the opportunists of EFF and the hooligans won’t win in KZN. We say to ‘Mr Angry man’ Terror Lekota that he won’t get a vote from people of KZN,” he added.

But to IFP president Mangosuthu Buthelezi, who formed his own party after plans were made for him to return to ANC, Zikalala re-invited to join the ruling party. “We want to say (to) Chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi, you are still welcome at home…Please come back home.”

With that, Zikalala admonished ANC members contemplating to run as an independent candidates in the elections to quit day-dreaming. For according to him, “no independent candidates will succeed over the ANC…We are here in numbers to send a message that the ANC is regaining its strength and that the ANC is getting united.”

“We say these words because ANC will win eThekwini, Zululand, Far North, Umkhanyakude, Amajuba and in all of KZN. It’s only the ANC that will lead KZN,” he intoned.

ANC treasurer-general, Zweli Mkhize who equally addressed the audience at the event begged that South Africa’s constitution be respected. While at that, he recommended that those who dislike ANC should stomach the fact that democracy endorsed majority rule.

“All people who are in Parliament should have respect for the will of the people…It is important to state it clearly that there is no need to run to courts when people don’t like majority rule,” Mkhize stated.

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