‘You Will Die’ – Mrs Mugabe’s Colleague Warns Zimbabwe’s Vice President


Zimbabwe’s Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa risks “dying” if he fails to tame the voices of his teeming supporters. Sarah Mahoka, who is Grace Mugabe’s ally and Hurungwe East legislator in Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) said this.

The politician [Mahoka] said this at the party’s meeting held at its’ headquarters. The meeting was organized for the party’s women’s league. Mahoka claimed that Mnangagwa supporters have been buzzing around the country, gingering him [Mnangagwa] to vie for the office of the president. This, she claimed is a threat to President Mugabe.

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It was so obvious that Mahoka was overwhelmed with anger when she said;

 “Please, VP Mnangagwa, can you reprimand your people?”

“They are terrorizing us. You cannot sit there like a duck and say nothing. We did not gather here to fight, but to support the President and we support the leadership he chose. We are not saying Mnangagwa must be removed.”

“But if you let these things go unchecked, you my brother Shumba-Chikara (Mnangagwa’s totem), munofira mumba. Munofa nechekuchera (You will become a victim of your own machinations),” Mahoka said adding: “We do not have an issue with VP (Phelekezela) Mphoko. He has declared he is not angling for the Presidency. We also have not said the First Lady should be president or VP.”

Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa really swallowed enough dose from her. But the fiery legislator had more doses to spill. She immediately picked on Mugabe’s spokesman George Charamba and the Herald. Reports say that spokesperson Charamba had promised an unnamed group planning Mugabe’s overthrow, that they would “come to grief”. Telling them that was not enough, he however boasted that he was speaking for President Mugabe.

However, Mahoka did not spare Charamba. She said

“We want to know if the President sent him. He [Charamba] must not run his mouth and The Herald must stick to issues that help people.”

Having sat fixed and quiet while Mahoka’s bombshells exploded, Mugabe’s wife, Grace called for unity when she finally seized the microphone. She said,

“We must unite and stop the discord.”

“It is not necessary and the private media cannot be blamed because we feed them with these things. We respect our war veterans, but we have said people must forgive each other. Some people seem to have gone to school to learn obscenities. When you see us keeping quiet, it does not mean we are fools.”

“We cannot be seen to be washing our dirty linen in public. There is the politburo. Bring your issues and let us discuss. We cannot overburden the politburo with these petty fights when there are serious national issues like the drought and delivering on the election promises.”

Nevertheless, there was a mild drama when President Mugabe delivered his address. While he was speaking, his spokesman, George Charamba strolled down, adjusted his microphone and vanished into the crowd. At that point, every lip began chanting “Charamba must be removed. The party must not be infested with termites.”

Reacting to the disruption indirectly, Mugabe said : “Yes, termites can only be exterminated with bicarbonate of soda and not gamatox.”

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