Why You Shouldn’t Drive Slowly On The Right Lane In South Africa


If you aren’t familiar with the driving laws in South Africa, chances are you failed your driving test, or you didn’t pay attention when you were taking driving classes. In any case, you probably shouldn’t be on the road at all as a driver. However, if you choose to drive anyways and ignore the safety of others, there are some reasons why you shouldn’t drive slowly in the right lane in South Africa.

You might be cruising along on the highway and you get behind a slow car in the right lane. This can be aggravating to anyone, especially if you are in a hurry. While it is possible the driver has no clue they are upsetting people, chances are, they are ignorant about the law. The law clearly states that all passing must be done on the right hand side of the road. When a slow vehicle blocks the right lane, this doesn’t mean you have the authority to go around them on the left, hence why many drivers get aggravated when a slow car travels in the right lane. Here are some specific reasons why you should not drive slowly on the right lane:

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The Law Says Not To

For the most part, the law states that you should always remain on the left side of the road when driving. The only times you should get in the right lane is when you are passing a slower vehicle or you need to make a right hand turn. Anytime you are driving along on the highway, you will continuously see drivers on the right hand side of the road. Just because you think you are driving fast, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a faster vehicle coming up on your rear. Should you get in the right hand lane to pass a vehicle, it is always proper to move back into the left lane once you have overtaken the car.

While you may not always agree with the law, it is important that you adhere to them. By failing to comply with the local laws, you could end up facing fines, loss of license, and even higher insurance costs. None of these are fun which is why it is always best to follow the rules.

Safety Concerns

The government doesn’t make up these laws just to be annoying. There are actual reasons why they chose to make it illegal to continuously drive in the right hand lane. One of the biggest reasons for this is to keep everyone on the roads safe. Many traffic jams occur from vehicles obstructing the roads because they are driving too slow. Even if you are going the speed limit, you could be blocking someone who is driving much faster. By staying in the left hand lane, the faster drivers can use the right lane for passing and traffic moves along more efficiently.

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Changing lanes can be very dangerous to all drivers. Anytime you move from one lane to another, you may be taking risks. The vehicle behind you or in front of you could be doing the same exact thing. When you both move over at the same time, you must maintain a constant speed or you could end up in an accident. Another problem with changing lanes is your blind spot. There is a small area that is difficult to see if there is anything behind you. It is always advisable to keep an eye on all vehicles around you. You should also check behind you by turning around to physically make sure no one is driving up beside you. This keeps you and other drivers around you safe.
When you are driving in the right lane and something is in the road, it is your first response to slow down. The vehicles behind you all have to slow down too and this could cause an accident. Every time you put on the brakes in the right hand lane, you are causing a traffic build up. These vehicles are looking to travel faster than the normal speed limit for whatever reason and are in a hurry to get by you. This is why even if you are going the speed limit, you still want to make sure you are driving in the left lane at all times unless you are passing another vehicle.