6 Possible Reasons Why Whites Are Unwilling To Join SAPS


A few days ago, the South African Police Service (SAPS) officially recognized over 3000 newly trained police officials across the country after they completed their Basic Training Learning Programme.

The passing-out parade events held in SAPS Tshwane Academy, SAPS Bhisho Academy in the Eastern Cape and SAPS Bishop Lavis in the Western Cape got the country’s police Minister, Fikile Mbalula calling on white people to join the civil force of the state.

Apparently, whites are unwilling to join SAPS and Mbalula thinks it’s high time they are reminded that they also have a responsibility to serve and protect South Africa. From what we learnt, the total number of the newly trained officers is 3499 made up of 935 females, 2564 male and 12 whites. The police Minister confirmed this when he said:

“…I’m asking the white youth in South Africa to join the police service. Of this 3499 we only have twelve white young people. I want them to come to the police and join the ranks of the police to protect and serve their country. I want them to understand policing, it is a good career and that South Africa is their home too…”

This got us wondering why whites are unwilling to join SAPS. Here are some of the possible reasons we arrived at:

1. They Don’t Want To Be Part Of The Corruption

While the South African Police Service is meant to fight crime in the country, it has commonly been expressed that any meaningful fight against crime must start with eradicating corruption in SAPS and getting rid of all the criminals who are members of the police service.

You wouldn’t have to dig deep to find why the police-are-criminals sentiment is common. Last week, two members of the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation’s (Hawks) Serious Commercial Crimes unit were arrested alongside a detective from the Hillbrow police station for pulling over a car and stealing R1 million from the driver.

As similar cases abound, it isn’t out of place for one to assume that whites are unwilling to join SAPS because they think the police service is too corrupt.

2. The Police Pay Is Next To Nothing

Often times, it’s been said that the police pay is ridiculous. According to a recent estimate, the average SAPS monthly salary ranges from approximately R 4 179 per month for Intern to R 24 679 per month for Commander and R118 698 per year for Senior Personnel Manager to R 345 420 per year for Captain.

Isn’t it alright to assume that the pay is too small for whites? Anyway, nobody would settle for a low paying and “undignified” job when there are prospects of better jobs.

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3. Police Killings Is A Thing, They Don’t Want To End Up As Grim Stats

Though a recent study by the South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR) reported a 52 percent drop in the rate of police killings over the last ten years in South Africa, the country is still one of the nations where it is most dangerous to be a police officer.

As culled from the SAIRR study, there is a significant decline in police murders when you compare records of the past 20 years (1994 to 2004) to those of 2005 through 2014. While 1,970 police officers were killed between 1994 and 2004, 945 were murdered between 2005 and 2014. This represents an 80% drop; nonetheless, police killing is still a thing and it is possible whites are just avoiding being part of the stats.

4. They’ve Been Severally Told They Can’t Regard SA As Their Home

Well, you wouldn’t be willing to lay down your life for a country where some ordinary and prominent citizens are unwilling to fully acknowledge you as a member of the country, would you?

It is common to come across statements regarding whites as foreigners, asking them to go back where their ancestors came from. Could it be that these statements have wiped-off every sense of belonging white have?

5. They Are Ignored During Selection Process

This shouldn’t have made this list, South Africa is a country that doesn’t see colour (hahaha). However, with the increasing talks about white monopoly capital, black economic empowerment (BEE), the need to have more black professors and helping black lawyers come to limelight, one can’t help but wonder if there is no such agenda like Easy SAPS Recruitment For Blacks. 

6. They Are Just Cowards

If none of the highlights above is the reason why whites are unwilling to join SAPS, then it’s probably because they lack the courage to endure the dangerous and unpleasant things that come with being a police officer in South Africa.