Why We Refused To Ax Zuma – ANC NEC


ANC’s National Executive Committee has explained why they rejected the move to fire Mr Zuma as the President of ANC irrespective of the widespread call for him to step down as the leader of South Africa.

In a statement on the outcomes of the National Executive Committee held from 26th to 28th November 2016, the ruling party related that a call was made for the ANC President, Jacob Zuma, to consider stepping down as the President of the Republic of South Africa.

The statement related that the NEC decided that the debate should be allowed without any suppression even though the issue wasn’t on its agenda.

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“After extensive deliberations, the NEC came to the conclusion that the NDR (National Democratic Revolution) remains on course. However, the revolution is facing serious threats being racism, ethnic nationalism and monopoly capital.

“Ethnic triumphalism is beginning to emerge and becoming emboldened, expressed in factions and certain unrests in society. We must defeat narrow ethnic nationalism and all residual contradictions, which formed the basis of apartheid colonialism.

“On the call for the President to consider stepping down as President of the Republic, the NEC took (the) time to elaborate on what we have previously identified as a negative narrative directed towards the President,” read an excerpt of the statement.

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The ruling party further stated that engagement and discussion on the issue helped its NEC to make a decision.

“…The NEC of the ANC always seeks to persuade one another through argument. It does not seek to conclude matters through voting. Following robust, honest, candid and at times difficult discussions, the NEC did not support the call for the President to step down.

“The NEC resolved it was more urgent to direct the energies of the ANC in its entirety to working towards the unity of the movement.

“All members of the NEC had an opportunity to raise, in the meeting, the issues they feel are hurting the movement and the country. All these are very important and are being given due consideration by the NEC,” added the National Executive Committee.

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