5 Reasons Why We Love Our Older Siblings Even When They Annoy Us


There are many downsides to having older siblings, but there are also a lot more of the upsides as well.

Yes, they can be bossy sometimes; even a little overbearing and they are almost always our first bullies…but the truth is, no one will love you more than your older brother or sister, no one will have your back as much as them.

Here are some of the reasons why we love our older siblings:

They’re Wiser

The chances are, whatever situation you’re going through, they’ve already been through it. As a result of this, they have useful information to guide you through what ever pickle you’re facing.

They get to impart their ‘wisdom’ based on experience to prevent you from making the same mistakes they did. Will we always listen? Probably not. But it’s comforting knowing they are always there when you need advice.

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why we love our older siblings anyway

They’re The Ones You Talk To When Your Parents Don’t Understand

Let’s just be honest, we didn’t operate on the same frequency with our parents till we entered our twenties then a sort of mutual understanding developed and now they’re our best friends.

But before all this, not operating on the same frequency as our parents led to a lot of misunderstanding because they didn’t understand us and the reasons we did what we did. This is where older siblings were very relevant and deserve our love, they understood us.

They often had to act as the bridge between the younger siblings and the parents because they were capable of finding the middle ground. This made them the perfect people to vent to when your parents were being ‘unfair’ because, well, they lived under the same roof with you.

They Taught You

They didn’t just teach you how to sneak out or offer driving tips, they taught you EVERYTHING. They had advice on crushes, on bullies, on teachers they had already taken, on school and on your parents.

They had an admirable knowledge on everything and were all too glad to pass it on, probably because they knew it made them look cooler to you but they also did it because they wanted your life to be easier (and better) than theirs. The truth is, no one cares the way an older sibling does.

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They Always Had Your Back

When you needed them to cover up for you and defend you, they always did…even when they had to deal with harsher punishments from your parents later, they still did. Did they lord it over you later? Probably, but no one is perfect.

They showed you your first experience with loyalty, showing you that there are people that will always be there for you, no matter what it costs them. This has to be one of the key reasons why we love our older siblings.

They Got Rid Of The Bullies

They might hit us, bully us, steal our food and whatever other fond memories you had of your older siblings…but they would never let anyone else get to do that to you. They were the ones you ran to when someone was picking on you, they showed up like superheroes with super capes.

Anyone who ever wanted to hurt you had to to go through them. Sometimes, they even protected you from your parents when you did something wrong. How can they not be appreciated for all this?

For everything they have done for us and will continue to do for us, there will never be enough time to list all the reasons why we love our older siblings.