Racism: The Time-Honored Fight – This Is What Black South Africans Must Do To Win


Racism is outright discrimination against someone believed to be of a lower race. When one is a racist, he crosses certain limits and he doesn’t just carry out violent actions on certain people because of their race, skin colour or tradition alone, he openly hates them. So, it is not out-of-place to state that racism is tied with hatred and both go hand in glove.

Hatred is the feeling of having intense dislike for a particular thing or someone. Suffice it to say that hatred most times comes with so much hostility or extreme aversion for someone or something.

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It is 22 years after the apartheid regime in South Africa and yet racism still lurks around the nation, frustrating and leaving one in doubt if total freedom from the shacks of the “strong” was gainfully achieved. one might ask “why do white people dislike the black folks even after independence?”. The answers are not far-fetched.

For the black folks, being relegated by the whites shouldn’t take away your pride. It is not bad to be held down but it is apparently disheartening to choose to remain defeated in such situation. Hence, Frantic efforts should be put in place to disarm this time-honored hatred. The under listed points should be taken cognizance of in this age-long fight against “Hatred and Racism”.

1. South Africans should learn to appreciate who they are: It is very appalling to note that severally, many blacks openly criticize and underrate who they are and sometimes also express dismay about their skin color. If Black South Africans must win this fight, then it is high time they stood up for each black skin, knowing that every black skin differs not from its white counterpart. Every idea that promotes the supremacy of the whites should be emptied and cut off from every lip and heart.

2. Anti-racist course must be continually renewed: The dehumanization outcry by black South Africans against racism should be an onward movement. In like manner, racist undertones in all phases in  South Africa should be addressed. However, the nation’s traditional holiday movement which holds every December along Durban’s picturesque Coast should be greatly reinforced. It would be recalled that South Africans started the year 2016 with “Racist Outcry” following a post by Penny Sparrow, a real estate agent and member of the opposition Democratic Alliance on January 2nd, in which she called black people “monkeys” and accused them of making a mess of public beaches. Sparrow apologized and denied being a racist but having put up some defense about her actions also, lots of criticism followed up. Therefore, South African Human Right Commission should not relent in moving anti-racist course(s) forward.

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3. Black South Africans should learn to subdue certain conditions exposed to them: Poverty, hunger, under education, illiteracy, low-self esteem were conditions black people are exposed to, and truth be told, these devastating conditions have got the better part of Black South Africans till date. In this case, Black South Africans should arise and champion the course of change. Education should be the social ladder to “change(s)” in every community because with education, poverty, hunger and the rest would be crushed.

4. Black South Africans must learn to make a man out of their lives and not be despised by people who see no life in us. Swift measures towards the attainment of intrinsic freedom and independence should be everyone’s concern.

5. A good heart and a good head is a formidable combination. Black South Africans should embrace one another, think alike and stand for the total freedom they have been longing for because there is victory in unity. If Black South Africans must win this fight, then they must watch each step they take.

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