Why Are South African Blacks Despised By the Whites?


Settling racial differences between the black and the white has been one impossible thing to achieve. The common believe that all humans are racists in nature and that blacks will consistently be indoctrinated into white supremacy; has eaten so deep into the society such that it can hardly ever be erased. It is a situation where dealing with a plethora of people and a bunch of haters become impossible.

There is indeed no doubt that the recent social media posts by white supremacists referring to black people as animals and the uneducated, dirty masses are mere symptoms of an entrenched phenomenon of racism.

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The almost 22 years democratic rule in South Africa has failed to uproot the demeaning cause of racism from the country’s system. This is probably because blacks are yet to understand why the white people despise them and  why they find it easy to look at the black with disgust and undermine their humanity. These might possibly be the answers you seek.

South Africans are still  unable to change the structural and Material organization of the Blacks. The imposition of colonialism on Africa took part in altering the African history. African modes of thought, patterns of cultural development, and ways of life were forever impacted by the change in political structure brought about by colonization. This of course paved way for poverty, hunger, lack of education, landlessness and cheap labour. In fact, it no longer matter if one black person, or a family, or a group, was educated – maybe even better than whites – as long as the majority of black people lived in conditions of squalor, this remained the identity they shared.

Look at the prevalence of childhood poverty, access to early childhood development, performance in primary and secondary school, access to and dropout from tertiary education, and ultimate household earnings, and you will see how little South Africans have done to change the outlines of the picture that its colonial forebears and the architects of apartheid drew up ages ago.

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Nation states ought to be politically moulded through social engineering. Hence, south African blacks must go on revolution; this time, on the structural transformation of the black condition as a condition of inhumanity.Only then will the attitude of white supremacy be defeated in the country. Only then also will the idea  that white people are brought up with that psyche of being above blacks,  be subdued.

It is an undisputed truism that white supremacy cannot be uprooted when the black condition is not dealt with. This is because white supremacy is founded on the black condition, which maintains and reproduces it.

The White minority are raised, some directly and others indirectly, to believe that blacks exist so that they can live a better life. Ranging from  cleaning their homes, streets and schools or the people who serve them in restaurants and markets; and those who do all the menial work in the country.

Furthermore, its unbelievable yet true to note that every single black person in the eyes of white people is the sign of a terrible crime from their ugly past, a reminder that their life is a fraud, that they are pretty much nothing more than armed robbers.

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One difficult thing to ask whites to view black people as human from their structural point of view. If you were in their position you would be the same, because it is impossible to look at places like Gugulethu or Alexandra and see a human image. What you see is not different to how rats live; congested areas where people live with their dirt in absolute proximity.

Next to political and attitudinal structure of South Africa lies Economic structure. Blacks in South Africa are still under economic bondage. The day black people attain economic freedom, white people will lack the basis to despise us, and the attitude to despise will not affect anyone’s access to a means of subsistence.

Restoring the dignity of the blacks in South Africa can not be achieved if they are yet to achieve their economic freedom. A period when lands are distributed to end congested townships and lead agrarian reform; when mines and banks are being nationalized to fund free, quality education, sanitation and healthcare, to name a few. This will restore the dignity to black people; any project that does not focus on this will only result in cosmetic changes.

South Africans therefore owe it to themselves to oppose racism for it bodes ill for the society particularly in its quest for integration and nationhood. There is no magic stick to this problem. Racial biases perpetually find expression in our speeches and practices in subtle ways. Many a time people deny any intentional biases.