WHO Warns Of Possible Global Outbreak Of Yellow Fever


The United Nations (UN) specialized agency for health the World Health Organisation (WHO) has issued a warning that a recent outbreak of yellow fever in Angola which has claimed the lives of hundreds of people, could as well be seen as a threat to the world.

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The health arm of the United Nations fears the spread of yellow fever via the large international communities living in Angola who are bound to carry the mosquito borne virus into neighboring countries, thereby spreading it.

As it is, WHO says at least 21 people have died of yellow fever in the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo, some of them from infections contracted in neighboring Angola.

Up to 225 people have been killed and another 1,600 infected in the course of this outbreak in Angola.

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In their analysis of the situation, WHO said that given the number of people who travel to and fro between Congo and Angola, there was now a high risk of further spread in Congo and the epidemic might also extend its ugly neck to other countries around the world.

Angola’s capital Luanda recorded the first cases of the outbreak in December, 2016.

Other countries have also gotten a share of the fever through travelers from Angola. They have exported the virus to countries like China, Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo, where at least 21 people have died from the sickness.

The aedes mosquito which is the carrier of the yellow fever virus will not be found in all the countries in the world. However any country that habours this specie of mosquito, is particularly at risk of having an epidemic on its hands.