Who Is Zonke Mchunu, the Real Life Imani from Muvhango?

Zonke Mchunu (born October 12, 1993) is a 30-year-old South African actress and dancer who is well-known for her lead role as Imani Nkosi in Muvhango, the popular South African TV series.

She started featuring in Muvhango in 2015 after dropping out of the university to join the industry. Since then, her life has moved from the naive girl from KwaZulu-Natal to the celebrity everyone wants to meet. Zonke is so good at playing her role in Muvhango that some fans think she is Imani in real life. Meet the real-life Imani from Muvhango, Zonke Mchunu.

Summary of Zonke Mchunu’s Biography

  • Full Name: Siziwe Ntombizonke Mchunu
  • Nickname: Zonke
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: October 12, 1993
  • Zonke Mchunu’s Age: 30 years old
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Zonke Mchunu’s Children: Elami Mchunu
  • Zonke Mchunu’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 8 inches
  • Zonke Mchunu’s Height in Centimetres: 175cm
  • Famous for: Her role in Everybody Hates Chris, Muvhango
  • Zonke Mchunu’s Instagram: @zonke.mchuni

What is Imani From Muhvango’s Age Now?

Zonke Mchunu is 30 years old now as she was born on October 12, 1993, in the small village of Mamphumulo. The actress’ full name at birth is Siziwe Ntombizonke Mchunu. For convenience, she has since shortened the name to ‘Zonke.’

The beautiful thespian wasn’t born with a silver spoon; she was born to a very humble home and had a meager upbringing. She has four older sisters and one brother. Unfortunately, her father died quite early, leaving a deep void in her life and that of her siblings. He died when she was still 11 years old, so she was raised by her mother, who worked as a cleaner in her primary school.

Zonke Mchunu Had A Passion For Dancing When She Was Younger

Growing up, Zonke Mchunu wanted to be a dancer. She grew her love for dance and loved expressing herself while doing so. She also said that she sees dance as a form of therapy and relaxation, and she idolized artists like Jika Majika and Sarafina and learned how to dance like them.

Unfortunately, she could not push a career in dance because growing up in KwaZulu-Natal, there was little or no opportunity for dancers.

She Couldn’t Complete Her Studies In Civil Engineering Due to Lack Of Money

After matriculating from high school, Zonke Mchunu was admitted into Berea Technical College in Durban to study civil engineering but couldn’t complete her studies due to the financial situation in her home. Notwithstanding, she applied for financial aid at the Durban University of Technology (DUT) and was granted admission to study Theatre and Drama.

Zonke Mchunu believes that studying Theatre and Drama at DUT played a vital role in making her a good actress. It improved her communication skills and helped her conquer stage fright as her course involved scriptwriting, rehearsing, presenting, and most of the other practical activities.

She Got To Know About Auditioning For The Role Of Imani From Dr. Duma Ndlovu

While in university, Zonke Mchunu attended a workshop for newcomer actors that was organized by Dr. Duma ka Ndlovu, who was also the producer and director of Muvhango. The workshop allowed her to meet Dr. Duma and have a conversation with him.

In one of such conversations, he told her about the audition for the role of Imani and suggested that she takes part in it. Zonke took Dr. Duma’s advice and got the role that saw her join the cast of Muvhango in 2015.

As a result of her new role, she had to move from Durban to Johannesburg, which also meant she had to drop out of the university in her final year. Before getting the role of Imani in Muvhango, Zonke Mchunu was featured in Uzalo as an extra in Uzalo’s church choir. The role was short, but she was so happy about it.

In Muvhango, Zonke Mchunu Plays A Lead Role – Imani Nkosi, A Homewrecker

In Muvhango, Zonke Mchunu plays the role of Imani Nkosi, a character that will keep you interested in her next move because you love to hate her. Yes, her character is known for being a homewrecker. In the series, Imani Nkosi is best friends with Marang (Sharon Seno), but she goes behind her friend’s back to have an affair with her boyfriend, James. James then falls in love with Imani and wants to leave Marang for her.

The two friends become enemies, and for Imani Nkosi, it is now about fighting for what she believes is hers. While dealing with her rough relationship with James, Imani also has to deal with Vuyo, a man who leaked her sex tape and is obsessed about being in a relationship with her.

Fans Mistake Zonke Mchunu For Being Imani In Real Life

Muvhango viewers are not finding it easy to see the line between Zonke Mchunu and Imani Nkosi from Muvhango. In March 2021, while Zonke was shopping at a mall, a lady kept following her around. She noticed but waved it off, believing the lady was just a fan and wanted to take pictures.

While shopping, she finally crossed paths with the woman who began to harass her for being a homewrecker. All thanks to the help of a young man who saved the day. This means that Zonke Mchunu is playing the role of Imani Nkosi so well, but she has worked hard to fit into that role. In reality, she is not a backstabbing friend.

In 2021, Zonke Mchunu Featured In The ‘I Am My Story’ Campaign

In April 2021, Zonke Mchunu was chosen to model for fashion designer Quiteria Kekana’s ‘I Am My Story’ collection. This modeling role was a big deal for Zonke as she believes it solidified her place in the entertainment industry.

She modeled alongside big names like Didie Makubane, Datlego Danke, Lala Tuku, and Simphiwe Ngema to mention but a few. Despite all the attention she is currently receiving in the industry now, Zonke Mchunu is intentional about being herself and allowing people to watch her grow.

Zonke Mchunu Is A Mother

One of the things you will find out about the beautiful Muvhango actress is that she is also a mother. Zonke Mchunu has a son named Elami Mchunu, and in fact, juggling acting and motherhood has not been so easy for her. In an interview with Times, she mentioned that sometimes she is unable to spend enough time with her son. However, she believes she is building a legacy for herself and her family.

Zonke Mchunu is yet to reveal details about the father of her son. We also cannot tell if she is currently in a relationship because she keeps her private life away from the media.

The Beautiful Thespian Is Active On Instagram

Zonke Mchunu is active on social media, but she prefers Instagram and Tiktok only. According to her Instagram bio, she has no Facebook or Twitter handles. On Instagram, she has more than 11k followers and keeps her fans glued to her handle by sharing stunning pictures of herself. On TikTok (@zonke_mchunu), where she posts interesting videos, the actress has amassed more than 30k followers.

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