Who Is Zinhle Mabena’s Husband Robert Ngwenya?

Robert Ngwenya is a South African entrepreneur, politician, author, and philanthropist, who is also famous as Zinhle Mabena’s husband.

He is the founder of the rehabilitation center Nomaqala Home of Hope in Brits, as well as the prestigious 20 Elevation Construction & Landscaping company. A top-notch landscape designer, Ngwenya is also the founder of the security firm, TSM. He is one of South Africa’s businessmen who are making waves in various business fields. He is equally passionate about South African youths and creating awareness against drug abuse among youths.

Robert Ngwenya’s Biography
  • Full name: Robert Mugabe Ngwenya
  • Nickname: Robert Ngwenya
  • Gender: Male
  • Nationality: South Africa
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Robert Ngwenya’s ex-Wife: Zinhle Mabena
  • Famous for: Zinhle Mabena’s husband
  • Robert Ngwenya’s Instagram: mugabengwenya
  • Twitter: @RobertNgwenyaSA
  • Facebook: Dr Robert Mugabe Ngwenya

Robert Ngwenya Is A Successful South African Businessman

Ngwenya may have other ventures through which he makes money but he is popularly known for his exploits in the business field. He was born in South Africa many years ago in one of the provinces in the country called North West province.

Unfortunately, the exact village where he was born, as well as his birth details are not publicly known. Again, there is no information anywhere about the identities of his parents, their respective origins, occupations, and other family relatives.

Ngwenya has also been secretive about several other aspects of his life, including his childhood, the schools he attended, as well as where he spent his early childhood.

The South African businessman, however, holds an honorary degree in Humanities which was conferred on him by the Good News International University of India during the Global Peace Summit that was held in London in December 2019.

Robert Ngwenya Makes A Living Through Various Endeavours

Ngwenya has multiple sources of income. He was able to amass his wealth through various business ventures. But before the millions started rolling in, he actually started small by selling toothbrushes and toothpaste at traffic lights.

The businessman is yet to publicly share his career journey and growth in the business world. It is difficult to mention the particular year he began his business career and how he rose up to the top of the ladder.

Currently, Robert Ngwenya is a successful entrepreneur in the fields of transport, construction, entertainment, engineering, communications, and multimedia. He is the founder of the company 20 Elevation Construction & Landscaping company, which he established in the year 2011.

Zinhle‘s ex-husband is also the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce in The North West province (VTSD) – thanks to his vast experience and impressive business profile.

Ngwenya has quite an interesting political career as well. He’s a leader in the African National Congres (ANC) in Ward 5 in the Madibeng Sub-region in North West. In 2016, he was appointed the North West provincial chairman of the villages, townships and
small dorpies chamber of commerce, a position he still holds to date.

All of these ventures contributed immensely to his overall wealth. Taking about the struggles he has had as a result of his career affiliations, the businessman has escaped death severally in the past few years, including in the month of January 2021 when he escaped unhurt in an assassination attempt on him.

Robert was almost killed in the incident after he was allegedly ambushed while traveling with his bodyguards. However, he was lucky to escape unhurt but one of his bodyguards was shot and wounded, which led to his death in the hospital a day later. The businessman is yet to publish an update on the case following the release of his ex-wife who was initially linked to the assassination attempt.

A Look At His Philanthropic Activities And The Impact He Has Made As An Activist

Robert Ngwenya, being someone who once lived on the street, has always had a strong passion for helping the needy and reaching out to the younger generation for positive impacts.

It is for this reason that he founded a rehabilitation center in Brits, North West, called Nomaqala Home of Hope. He established the organization in the year 2019. The orphanage home, as gathered, was named after his ex-wife Zinhle’s mum.

An exemplary social activist, he is a recognizable face in the war against drug abuse among South African youths. He and his ex-wife are the founders of the MZ Ngwenya Foundation, which was established with the aim of changing the lives of youths affected by drug abuse, particularly Nyaope.

The Foundation has been applauded on several occasions for creating awareness campaigns about hard drugs through concerts. The MZ Ngwenya Foundation holds a concert captioned #NyaopeMustFall or #JoinTheMovement annually. The program usually hosts several musicians, who spread anti-drug messages through their performances.

So far, they have reached out to thousands of youths and are said to have rehabilitated over 200 addicts over the past 4 years. On a monthly basis, the foundation also donates clothing to several homeless people.

Robert and Zinhle’s annual drug awareness campaign #NyaopeMustFall is indeed a commendable program and one that has touched thousands of lives.

Robert And His Ex-Wife Tied The Knot After Dating For A Couple Of Months

Robert is best known as Zinhle’s husband because the latter is one of the talented actresses in South Africa. There is no record anywhere on how, when, and where they met.

Similarly, no one knows the exact number of months they courted before settling down as husband and wife. However, several reports suggest they dated for about six months before they took things to the next level.

The couple had a private wedding in the year 2017 and were one of the country’s favorite couples until 2021 when news broke that their marriage was in crisis. The duo ended their marriage after Robert alleged that he was abused by his ex-wife.

Not only did Zinhle deny the domestic violence allegation, but she also revealed that it was Robert who rather abused her and that things got escalated after she tried to fight back. Their union only lasted for four years, following their divorce in 2021.

Robert Ngwenya Is A Father Of Five 

Mr. Ngwena is a father of five – he had two kids with his ex-wife and then three other children from previous relationships. They had their first kid, a boy in 2017 while their second child, a beautiful girl, was born two years later.

Neither Zinhle nor her ex-husband has ever revealed the names of their kids publicly or even introduce them to their overwhelming fans. The two are overly protective of their kids as they really want them to live their lives away from the prying eyes of the public. However, Robert sometimes posts pictures of his kids on his Instagram page.

The name(s) of the mother(s) of Robert’s older kids are yet to be disclosed publicly and the businessman’s current relationship with all his kids is not clearly known.

The Businessman Hasn’t Been Linked To Any Woman Since His Marriage Crashed

Robert Ngwenya isn’t publicly seeing any woman currently. Ever since he loved on with his life after his failed marriage, he has not dated or tied the knot again with any woman.

It seems he is very focused on his business and political careers and supporting his kids in his own way as well. Likewise, his ex-wife Zinhle is living the best of her life as a single mom. Generally, the two have moved on and are doing great in their respective endeavors.

What Happened to Robert Ngwenya’s Cars?

Robert Ngwenya’s car was set ablaze in the month of May 2019 near Atteridgeville while he was returning from political meetings in Madibeng in the North West. Zinhle’s ex-husband recounted that on the day of the incident, he was driving his daughter’s car when he noticed that some men in two cars were following him too closely.

Robert Ngwenya’s cars are all branded in his name but that day he felt he didn’t want to use any of them and that he was tired of moving around with an army of bodyguards. So, he decided to drive alone.

While returning from Madibeng, he noticed a black BMW and white Golf 7 following him and he kept a safe distance from them.  As he was waiting at a stop sign, the BMW pulled up on his right and someone from the passenger window began to shoot him.

Fortunately for him, the attackers misfired but broke the window of the car. The businessman was then forced to move the car while ducking down. He eventually lost control of the car and landed in a ditch after rolling five times.

Robert immediately played dead as he was afraid the men will still come after him to shoot him again. His attackers eventually approached his car and emptied a container of petrol on the car and set it alight while he was still inside.

Robert was later rescued by some drivers who thought his car caught fire due to the accident that happened. Days after he was pulled out of the broken window to safety, the businessman opened a case at the Atteridgeville Police Station. No one still knows the outcome of the case.

Zinhle Was Arrested In 2021 For An Attempted Assassination On Her Ex-Husband

Zinhle Mabena was arrested in February 2021 for allegedly attempting to murder Robert Ngwenya. The incident, which took place in the month of January 2021, resulted in the death of Robert’s bodyguard.

However, the case of her alleged conspiracy to murder her ex was later thrown out by the prosecutor, who also described her arrest as illegal. It is said that the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) declined to place the matter on the roll because of the preposterous nature of the allegations against the actress.

Again, reports have it that nothing plausible was provided to the authorities linking Zinhle to the attempted murder or any conspiracy of any sort. The actress expressed happiness with the ruling and also thanked all those, including her fans, who stood by her during her difficult moments.

Ever since she was acquitted, nothing has been heard or uploaded on the internet about her marriage or relationship with her ex-husband. The two have moved on but are still in their kids’ lives.

Who Then Was Responsible For The Assassination Attempt On The Businessman?

Following Zinhle’s release, information on the case of Robert Ngwenya’s assassination attempt has been difficult to come by. Neither the businessman nor his wife has come out to disclose the person or people behind the assassination attempt.

It is not clear if Ngwenya has withdrawn the case since his ex-wife was found innocent or if investigations by the police are still ongoing. Presently, it is difficult to tell who was behind the move to end the businessman’s life, which unfortunately snuffed out the life of one of his bodyguards.

Robert Ngwenya’s Latest Assassination Escape Was Not The First

The failed assassination attempt on Mr. Ngwenya’s life was actually not the first. Some time ago, some people tried to cut his life short but he was lucky to come out alive. His family members have also been threatened but these ugly experiences have never stopped the North West-born entrepreneur from pushing forward and following his passion. Below are some of the life-threatening situations he has faced.

1. Brits, North West Assassination Attempt

In the month of July 2018, Robert Ngwenya was almost assassinated in Brits, North West, by some men. He also escaped unhurt and later opened a case with the police. However, the case didn’t go far as some of the people involved in the case, including the witnesses were released after three days.

The South African philanthropist also insinuated that he was attacked due to the work he does in the North West province as his foundation also handles complaints from community members.

The Robert Ngwenya Foundation assists in the delivery of community services such as unfinished roads and burst pipes. The foundation also helps in curbing corruption and looking into the problems of community members. He feels some people are not happy with his foundation and its activities in the North West province.

2. Social Media Threats

Prior to their messy divorce, Robert and his ex-wife Zinhle Mabena once received threats on WhatsApp and Facebook about his family. He stated that the people who threatened them promised to hunt down his wife and kids and hurt them.

He added that they informed him about how easy it was to track his wife since she is a popular actress and other things. Robert, then, vowed not to back off from what he does in his community through his foundation.

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