Who Is Zenokuhle Maseko? What Is Her Age and Is She Married?

Zenokuhle Maseko (born on February 2, 1998; Age: 26 years old) is a fast-rising South African actress, model, and fashion enthusiast best known for playing the role of Mbali in the South African popular TV series, The River. 

The beautiful actress is one of the most talented actors to have appeared in The River. Her appearance in the TV series boosted her career, thrust her into the limelight, and made her a household name in the entertainment industry and beyond. Maseko is currently single. She is yet to officially tie the knot.

Summary of Zenokuhle Maseko’s Biography 

  • Full name: Zenokuhle Maseko
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: February 2, 1998
  • Zenokuhle Maseko’s Age: 26 years old
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Zenokuhle Maseko’s Parents: Nokuthula Ngcobo (mother) and Sifiso Maseko (father)
  • Siblings: 12
  • Zenokuhle Maseko’s Net worth: $800,000
  • Famous for: Playing Mbali on The River
  • Zenokuhle Maseko’s Instagram: @zeno.kuhle
  • Facebook: Zenokuhle Maseko

What Is Zenokuhle Maseko’s Age?

Zenokhule Maseko is currently 26 years old. She was born on February 2, 1998, in a town called Benoni in Gauteng province, South Africa. Her parents’ names are Nokuthula Ngcobo (mother) and Sifiso Maseko (father). The former is an accountant, while the latter is a doctor.

Not much is known about the actress’ family history and what exactly her childhood looked like. However, it is said that she has 12 siblings. The identities of her siblings, their whereabouts, and details about their personal lives are not known publicly. Zenokhule is apparently the only famous person in her family.

Maseko studied at Benoni High School, after which she proceeded to the University of Pretoria to study biochemistry. She dropped out in her second year after realizing she has more passion for fashion.

After a heart-to-heart conversion with her mother, Zeno was encouraged by her mother to pursue whatever course she cherished. That was how the actress dropped out and enrolled at Lisof Fashion Design School to study Fashion Media.

Playing Mbali River Was Maseko’s First-Ever TV Work

People usually find it difficult to believe that The River was the first project Zenokhule did as an actress. She may not have been the most experienced actor on the set, but her overall performance as a newbie on the show was phenomenal.

From her acting skills to onset delivery, she played Mbali as if she had been an actress for many years. As a young girl, the actress loved performing but acting as a career was never her passion. However, one thing led to another, and she successfully auditioned and won the role of Mbali on the show.

Although she originally auditioned for the role of Faith (Andile’s girlfriend), she ended up playing Mbali (Andile’s sister) because the producers felt the role suited her most. The actress had an incredible time as a member of the TV show.

Maseko’s character, Mbali, was a talkative and naughty girl in the interesting local TV series. Though she and her character are of different personalities, the Benoni-born fast-rising actress did an amazing job in bringing her to life.

She left the show in the year 2020 after her character died. Her exit from The River left many viewers of the show sad because Zenokuhle was incredible, and her character was quite an interesting person who had so much positive and energetic vibe.

The River team threw the actress a heart-warming farewell after her last shooting. She was also given lots of gifts by her colleagues. Though she actually auditioned for Faith Maseko, she didn’t regret playing Mbali in the long run.

It is said that the actress has landed another role in a local telenovela called The Estate. The show is an award-winning popular drama that follows a gated suburban community that begins to feel less secure when a neighboring township filed a land claim against the estate.

The Estate generally tackles common issues in the country such as class and equality, land and identity, money (old and new), corruption, patronage, and power. The show airs on TV, precisely on SABC3 at 19:00, Mondays to Fridays.

Although Maseko has left The River, she is best known for appearing in the show. The actress also has an incredible number of fans on her side. Maseko hopes to win more acting roles and become a top-notch director and producer in the nearest future.

The List Of Zenokuhle Maseko’s TV Works

  • The River
  • The Estate

Who Is Zenokuhle Maseko’s Husband?

Zenokuhle Maseko is not a married woman. She is currently single and not in any relationship known to the public. She hasn’t been previously married, nor has she given birth to kids.

The fast-rising actress is seriously focused on her studies and her growing acting career.

Does Zenokuhle Maseko Have A Boyfriend?

Zenokuhle, at the moment, has not introduced any man as her boyfriend. She could be dating someone secretly, but she hasn’t publicly mentioned such. Talking about the men she has dated in the past, there is no record anywhere about her dating history.

No one has also been linked both in the past and now as her boyfriend. Nevertheless, she has plans to settle down with a man in the future and raise beautiful kids with the man of her dreams.

You Can Connect With Your Favourite Actress On Instagram

Zenokuhle Maseko is active on Instagram. She is being followed by 200,000 people on the social media platform. A thorough search on the internet shows the actress is not active on Twitter. She has a Facebook account, but she is not as active as she is on Instagram on Facebook.

You can connect with her on Instagram through her handle: zeno.kuhle. She keeps her fans up to date and also shares lovely pictures of her personal life and career on her account. The River actress is an interesting person. Unknown to most of her fans, she is into performance cars and speed.

She loves languages and is keen to learn more South African languages. Maseko also appreciates the African heritage so much. Lastly, the actress is afraid of balloons.

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