Who Is Ze Nxumalo, Tamaryn Green’s Husband?

Ze Nxumalo (born 1993) is a South African businessman, former swimmer, and the husband of Tamaryn Green, the South African beauty queen. 

Ze was thrust into the public eye for the first time in October 2019 after Green shared a photo of themselves at a wedding event. She captioned the photo “My Person,” and from that day, many people began to keep tabs on their relationship. Today, the two are happily married.

Summary of Ze Nxumalo’s Biography

  • Full name: Zesimdumise Ndwandwe Nxumalo
  • Nickname: Ze
  • Gender: Male
  • Year of birth: 1993
  • Ethnicity: Zulu
  • Nationality: South African
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ze Nxumalo’s Wife: Tamaryn Green
  • Siblings: 6
  • Ze Nxumalo’s Net worth: $5 million
  • Famous for: Being Tamaryn Green’s husband
  • Ze Nxumalo’s Instagram: zenxumalo

Tamaryn Green’s Husband was Born in 1993

Tamaryn Green’s husband, Ze Nxumalo, was born in 1993 in northern Johannesburg. However, he spent most of his life in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal province. He has six siblings whose identities are not public knowledge.

They all have been supportive right from day one, especially his father, who loaned him the money he used to start his business back in the day. His parents also raised him to be respectful, humble, industrious, and selfless.

Ze Nxumalo attended the elite private school, Kearsney College. He matriculated in 2010. He represented South Africa in swimming contents as a high school student and also bagged provincial colors for water polo.

He attended the University of the Witwatersrand, where he majored in Law for four years. Ze returned to swimming in his second year at the university. He had abandoned the sports before matriculation due to a hectic academic schedule.

It was his old friend and South African Olympic medallist Chad le Clos who convinced him to return to swimming. However, he abandoned swimming for the second time after investing two years of his time in the sport.

Ze would start his first business venture a couple of months after he left swimming.

Ze Nxumalo’s Parents are Well-Lettered

The names of Ze Nxumalo’s parents are not known in the public space. However, it is said that they are well-respected and highly placed in the academic world. His father is a professor, and his mother is a well-decorated academic.

Further information about their respective careers and current whereabouts is not open to public scrutiny. The businessman’s parents are of Zulu ethnicity.

Tamaryn Green’s Husband is a Serial Entrepreneur with an Impressive Portfolio

Ze Nxumalo is a successful businessman. His career in the business world started shortly after he abandoned his dream of becoming a professional swimmer. His entrepreneurial journey began in 2014 when Uber first launched in South Africa.

He borrowed money from his father to invest in Uber and was able to learn the basics of the business as time progressed. Next, he approached a BMW dealership in KwaZulu-Natal and convinced them to lease him a car for use as an Uber cab.

By the end of 2014, he could buy four cars and employed drivers. Not long after, he decided to expand his horizon and spread his tentacles. That was when he joined the ANC’s Progressive Youth in Business as national head of sponsorship. The position boosted his career so much that he became a guru in matters pertaining to transactions and business deals.

Overwhelmed by the business opportunities that kept coming his way, Ze Nxumalo met his parents and informed them that he had decided to quit studying law to focus on business. His next business investment was at the security company. Ensure.

His journey with the company started after he bought a 35% stake and was later hired. Nxumalo was made its chief executive shortly after – thanks to his expertise. While he was with the company, he increased the number of guards and also learned more valuable lessons, including about managing people.

Ze left Ensure to fully concentrate on his company, Zig Holdings. He uses his investment company to house his various interests, including the consulting work he carries out for major corporates.

A top-notch consultant, Tamaryn Green’s husband has been on the board of the investment firm Richmark Holdings and provided consulting services to publicly traded firms such as Blue Label Telecoms and EOH. He has also provided consulting services for several of Cell C’s most successful campaigns.

His independent advisory work with the Transaction Capital group and the development financing organization SA Taxi, where he served as one of the primary negotiators, gave rise to his reputation’s rapid growth.

Nxumalo could sell himself well, which made many big companies believe so much in him. He would later joinTransaction Capital as an empowerment partner in the newly formed debt collecting firm, Transaction Capital Akwande.

He is a co-owner and empowerment partner in the outdoor media firm Vibrant Outdoor as well as a member of the board of the SA Taxi Foundation. Due to his rapid professional advancement, Nxumalo was requested to join the board of the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation, which he described as an honor.

Ze Nxumalo’s north worth is estimated to be $5 million.

Ze Became Tamaryn Green’s Husband in 2022

South African businessman and beauty pageant titleholder Tamaryn Green wedded on the 6th of April 2022 at the Quoin Rock Wine Estate in Stellenbosch. The occasion was graced by prominent people, including Minnie Dlamini, Tshepi Vundla, Nandi Madida, K Naomi, and her husband Tshepo Phakathi.

The couple first met in September 2018 at a store opening in Johannesburg, where they were both invited as guests. They started dating in 2019, after which Nxumalo proposed to her in April 2021 at Sweni Lodge in Kruger National Park.

Her lobola negotiations took place in June of the same year before the umembeso in October. The ceremony took place in Cape Town. The two come from two different cultures, which necessitated them embracing all the traditions and rituals required by both cultures to be married.

Tamaryn indirectly introduced Ze Nxumalo to her fans for the first time in 2019 when they both attended a wedding. She simply captioned a photo of herself and the businessman as “My Person,” which led many people to suspect that they could be dating.

Although the former Miss South Africa declined to speak or write further about her man, the public’s interest in Ze soared afterward.

Ze Nxumalo’s Wife, Tamaryn Green, was Crowned Miss South Africa 2018

Born on 19th, August 1994, 29-year-old Tamaryn is a beauty pageant titleholder and the first runner-up of the Miss Universe 2018 competition. She was born to David Green and Ellirene Green in Worcester, after which they moved to Paarl, Western Cape province, when she was 9.

Green graduated with a medical degree from the University of Cape Town in 2019. The 5 feet 11 inches former Miss South Africa and her husband are yet to give birth to their own kids.

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