Who Is Violet Raseboya, Caster Semenya’s Wife?

Violet Raseboya is the beautiful wife of Caster Semenya, the South African Olympic gold medalist. She came to the limelight due to her relationship with her partner, Semenya, who is a mid-distance runner and has won three world championships and two Olympic gold medals.

Violet Raseboya’s relationship with her wife, Caster Semenya, has faced much criticism and controversy even though she tries to keep her life private. However, there is a lot to know about Violet Raseboya, especially as it concerns her life as Caster Semenya’s wife.

Summary Of Violet Raseboya’s Biography

  • Full Name: Violet Ledile Raseboya
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: February 19, 1986
  • Violet Raseboya’s Age: 38 years old
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign:  Pisces
  • Sexual Orientation: Gay
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Violet Raseboya’s Wife: Caster Semenya
  • Violet Raseboya’s Children: Two
  • Famous for: Being the wife of Caster Semenya
  • Violet Raseboya’s Instagram: @ledile_violet_s
  • Twitter: @ledile_violet_s

Violet Raseboya Was Born In 1986

Violet Raseboya was born on February 19, 1986, which means she is 38 years old. But we have earlier established that she is a very private person, which has resulted in the lack of information about some aspects of her life, especially her childhood.

We also don’t have details of her educational qualification and who her parents and siblings are. Violet Raseboya became a person of public interest due to her love relationship with Caster Semenya, and neither of them is open about their lives.

Violet Raseboya Met Caster Semenya in 2007

For Violet and Caster, we cannot say it was love at first sight, as the first meeting between them was not so smooth. They met in a restroom in 2007. Violet was in the restroom when she saw Caster Semenya being escorted by doping officers.

As a result of Caster’s masculine body physique, Violet mistook her for a man and asked the doping officers what a man was doing in the restroom that was supposed to be for women. Caster clapped back at her, making it clear that she was neither male nor lost. Who would think such a feisty first meeting would result in such a beautiful relationship between the two?

Violet Raseboya Was In a Heterosexual Relationship When She Met Caster Semenya

When Violet met Caster, she didn’t see herself as a lesbian. She was in a heterosexual relationship. And when Caster Semenya expressed feelings for her, she refused to accept that she could also be having feelings for another woman. However, she could not deny her feelings for so long, as eight years later, Violet Raseboya and Caster Semenya exchanged marital vows.

She Became Caster Semenya’s Wife In 2015

Although Caster and Violet are very private about their personal lives, they love to share some of their happy and romantic moments with their fans. One such moment was the day they exchanged marital vows.

In December 2015, they had their traditional wedding, and Caster took to Instagram to share pictures of the event with her fans. In January 2017, their white wedding took place. Violet Raseboya looked beautiful in a long-sleeved white ball gown, while Caster Semenya wore a royal blue suit.

Their wedding was attended by close friends and family, and their smile was proof that they were so happy to finally get married to each other.

Their Relationship Has Faced Several Challenges

Although same-sex relationships and marriages remain legal in South Africa, they still attract a lot of attention. The relationship between Violet Raseboya and Caster Semenya has faced its share of attention and backlash.

For starters, there has been much controversy surrounding Caster Semenya’s gender. She was assigned female gender at birth, but after winning the World Championship in 2009, her gender was questioned. As such, the World Athletics had to request that she takes a sex verification test to ascertain her actual gender.

Since then, her career has never remained the same as she continued to face gender issues. In 2018, The World Athletics placed new rules that require women with testosterone levels higher than 5 nmol/L and androgen sensitivity to take medication to reduce their testosterone levels.

Failure to do this would limit the type of racing event they could participate in. Some of these limitations included 400m, 800m, and 1500m, and Caster usually took part in these races. As expected, she was affected by this new rule as she has hyperandrogenism resulting in elevated levels of testosterone and internal testes.

Due to her health condition, it may be wrong to classify Violet Raseboya’s marriage to Caster Semenya as a homosexual relationship because Caster is better regarded as intersex. Despite all the controversies surrounding Caster’s gender, Violet has remained on her side.

It is noteworthy that Caster Semenya prefers to identify as a woman who is sexually attracted to women. People have continued to air several options about Caster’s gender, and it was so much that her father had to categorically state that she has always been a girl.

Violet Raseboya and Caster Semenya Have Two Children

When Violet Raseboya and Caster Semenya got married, tongues ragged as the public thought she was a man pretending to be a woman. All eyes were on them to see how their union would bring a child into the world.

In July 2019, the love birds welcomed their first child Oratile Semenya into the world. The birth of Oratile caused more tongues to wag as people began to wonder how the child came about as they could not wrap their heads around how Violet got pregnant.

For some people, the fact that Violet Raseboya got pregnant confirmed that Caster Semenya was a man, and for others, it was more reason to ridicule the couple. Rumors started spreading that Caster and Violet must have employed the services of a man to help them bring a child into the world.

We don’t have answers to clear all these rumors away, but we know that Oratile’s surname is Semanya, and she refers to both parents as ‘mommy.’

In July 2021, Caster Semenya took to Instagram to announce that her wife, Violet Raseboya, was pregnant, and they were expecting another child. And even though they are yet to reveal the child’s gender, from the description on Violet’s IG bio, we can tell that the child – whose mane is Oarabile – is a girl.

Both parents are very private about their children. Although Oratile has an Instagram account that is managed by her parents, they are yet to reveal her face.

Violet Raseboya May Also Be An Athlete

We do not have so many details about Violet Raseboya’s career. However, in an interview, Caster referred to her as a runner. Considering the circumstances surrounding how they met, the fact that Violet was in the female restroom for athletes may mean that she is also an athlete or works with athletes.

On the other hand, her partner is one of the best runners South Africa has produced. She has won more than five South African Championships, three world championships, and two Olympics medals.

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