Who Is Sharon Seno Who Plays Marang from Muvhango?

Sharon Seno (born 12th June 1994) is a Batswana actress and model born in Botswana. She is popular for her role in the Mzansi soap opera Muhvango.

Sharon Seno is a beautiful  actress and model who is making waves in the South African movie industry and gathering a lot of fans as a result of her outstanding performance in the popular South African TV series, Muvhango. Despite lacking any form of formal training in acting, Sharon is good at bringing life to her character, and her pretty face and awesome body build make her more perfect for the role of Marang which she plays in the South African TV series.

The actress is a beautiful and bold young lady whose life is governed by a set of principles which according to her, throughout her journey to fame, she ensured she did not compromise. She is a pretty face who will never give her body in exchange for a role, irrespective of what it may cost her. Thankfully upholding her principles and staying true to herself has paid off, seeing that she has finally made it to the limelight.

What makes her success even more interesting is that she has made it big in a country that is different from her place of origin. So, the next time you stumble on a picture of her or watch her on Muvhango, beyond seeing a beautiful actress, see a bold, principled, and determined lady.

Summary of Sharon Seno's Biography

  • Full name: Sharon Seno
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 12th June 1994
  • Place of Birth: Kanye, Botswana
  • Sharon Seno’s Age: 30 years old
  • Ethnicity: African
  • Nationality: Botswana
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Occupation: Actress
  • Sharon Seno’s Height in Centimeter: 1.7
  • Sharon Seno’s Height in Metres: 170
  • Famous for: Marang Phala in Muvhango
  • Sharon Seno’s Instagram: iamsharonseno
  • Facebook: @Seno Sharon 

Sharon Seno Was Born In Botswana But Found Fame In South Africa

Sharon Seno was born on the 12th of June 1994 and grew up in the small village of Kanye in Botswana. Though she is yet to reveal her exact year of birth, we easily deduced her year of birth to be 1994, going by an interview she had with Drum in 2019, where she was reported to be 25. And though nothing has been revealed about her father, she was fortunate to be born by a mother named Naledi Seno, who saw her potentials while she was still a child and started taking her for advert and TV production auditions.

Despite the support and encouragement she got from her mother, Sharon never really saw herself as someone who was worth being admired or even felt beautiful because she was too tall and had full lips. She continued seeing herself as an ugly person until a modeling scout approached her in a mall and since then, her perception of herself changed.

Sharon is not the only child of her mother. Her older brother, Thabiso, is a Master’s degree holder in architecture, and her younger brother, Talent, was studying plant mechanics in a technical college in Botswana as of 2019. Sharon does not have any formal tertiary education but hopes to study drama later in life.

She Started Her Showbiz Career As A Model

Although in her teens, she was shy and lacked self-confidence, Sharon Seno was able to start modeling as early as the age of 13. As mentioned earlier, she started seeing herself differently after meeting a modeling scout. From that day, she decided to focus on modeling.

She had her first big shot in the limelight when she participated in the Miss Botswana 2013 beauty pageant and made it to the top five. She, however, threw away her chances of going further when she was asked what she thinks is the biggest problem youths are facing and she responded by saying ‘Homosexuality’. According to her, she truly regrets her response and if asked that same question now, she would say nobody deserves to be judged based on their sexuality, and the biggest problem she thinks youths are facing is the fight for education and employment.

After So Many Failed Auditions, Sharon Finally Landed Her Breakthrough Role In Muvhango

In 2018, Sharon moved from Botswana to Johannesburg and had to live with a friend while trying to sort herself out. During this time, she kept jumping from one audition to another, and sadly, none seemed to be yielding any positive fruit. Finally, it was time to attend the audition for new cast members for Muvhango as she heard of it even before moving to Johannesburg.

When Sharon got to the venue, she wasn’t convinced she would get the role because of the crowd she met at the venue and because the description required for the role of Marang was nothing compared to who she was. According to her, what they needed was a full definition of a slay queen and she thought she did not meet that requirement.

Good thing the audition judges could not read minds, neither were they seeing things from her point of view because they saw just what they needed for the role in her and selected her to join the cast of the TV series. This was a breakthrough for Sharon Seno who had previously only played a role in two Botswana drama series, Colours and Ntwakgolo.

In Muvhango, Sharon Seno Plays The Role of Marang Phala – An Executive PA and a Side Chick

In Muvhango, Sharon Seno plays the role of Marang Phala, the executive personal assistant of James Motsamai (Dingaan Khumalo). In the TV series, James is driven into the arms of his beautiful PA by his cruel wife who is willing to do anything, including committing murder to snatch her husband’s company riches.

Though James has made up his mind to abandon his wife for his newfound love in the person of Marang, his executive PA who also shares mutual feelings for him, his wife is not ready to let him go. She even goes as far as faking memory loss and requesting for a renewal of vows. Unfortunately for her, Marang has no intentions of letting James go as well.

Who Is Sharon Seno’s Boyfriend?

As of the time of writing this post, Sharon Seno is known to be single and as of 2019, she told Drum that she had been single for a year. The actress is also giving back to society by helping young ladies in rural areas actualize their modeling and acting dreams through her Models Empowerment Association in Botswana. She has not found it easy shuttling between South Africa and her home country, Botswana and her job keeps her so busy that she does not think about relationships.

But she hopes to one day meet someone who will love her for who she is, despite the stereotype most men have about actresses as a result of the kissing scenes they play and the fact that they are always in the limelight.

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