Who Is Semi Tee? – Exploring The Musician’s Background and Songs He’s Famous For

Semi Tee (born 6th April 1999) is a South African rapper, singer, music producer, composer, DJ and entrepreneur, known for some of his hit songs like Suka Emabozeni, and Dwa Ngamabomu. 

Semi Tee is all things music in the South African entertainment industry. The youngster began his music career as a 15-year-old but quickly grew with the release of the hit songs mentioned above. Certainly, seeing how well Semi has done in just a few years of turning into a professional musician, we are confident that he still has many songs in the making to delight South Africans and perhaps, even the rest of the world.

Summary of Semi Tee’s Biography

  • Full name: Tumelo Ramila
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: 6th April 1999
  • Place of birth: Soweto, South Africa
  • Semi Tee’s Age: 25 years old
  • Ethnicity: African
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Education: University of Jos
  • Occupation: Music producer, disc jockey, and singer
  • Semi Tee’s Net worth: 1 million (estimated)
  • Famous for: Hit songs like Suka Emabozeni, and Dwa Ngamabomu
  • Semi Tee’s Instagram: semi_tee_
  • Twitter: @semi_tee
  • Facebook: @realsemitee

He grew up in Orlando West, Where He Met Kammu Dee

Semi is not younger than 25 years old, and until his fame, his kit and kin addressed him as Tumelo Ramila. Now a star, he has become known and addressed more by his stage name Semi Tee. He attended Southview High School, and upon graduation, he later enrolled at the University of Johannesburg, where he studied Business Management. Sadly, nothing is known about his parents and if they have another child or other children apart from Semi.

The rapper and singer knew he had a knack for music from early on in his life. Hence, he began honing his music skills as a 15-year-old in 2014. He drew inspiration majorly from the Amapiano genre. Semi kept fanning the flames of his music career from that young age, polishing his lyrics, mixing the right tunes, and generally getting better with each song he writes. While doing all these, Semi wasn’t on an island; during this time, he met his now bosom friend Kamu Dee in Orlando West. Being equally talented, the duo’s passion for music cemented their relationship.

The duo introduced themselves to the public by uploading songs they recorded on YouTube. They kept to this till 2018, when they released their first official song titled Dwa Ngamabomu. Following the good reception the song had, Semi followed it up with Suka Emabozeni later that same year. With these two songs already getting South Africans and indeed lovers of African music.

Semi Tee then shot himself to greater heights with his 2019 banger Labantwana Ama Uber with the help of fellow music artists Miano and Kammu Dee. The trio collaborated on the song. Ever since the release of the Uber song, Semi Tee’s career has been on a whole new level as the song has taken the music star to where he couldn’t even have imagined he would be in just a few years after he turned into a professional musician.

Facts About Semi’s Two Music Partners

Indeed, Semi Tee has not risen to fame all alone. It can be rightfully said that he started his music career with fellow music art Kammu Dee and the duo complement each other very well. But with the addition of Miano, we couldn’t imagine if their 2019 hit could have been any better.

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Kammu Dee’s Forte is Dance/Electronic Music

  • Real name: Kamogelo Duma
  • Year of birth: 1999
  • Age: 25 years old
  • Place of birth: Soweto, South Africa
  • Nationality: South African
  • Occupation: Singer, disc jockey

Kammu Dee, like Semi Tee, was born in Soweto, and he grew up in Orlando West. While growing up, he developed an interest in dance/electronic music. Seeing that he was equally talented in making songs in the genre, he decided to pursue a career in music. In the course of doing this, Kamogelo met Semi, and they formed a musical duo. Miano later joined before they released their Uber hit song in 2019. In 2020, the trio collaborated with Casper Nyovest to release the song, Siya Trenda.

Miano Wanted to Become a Footballer

  • Real name: Sicelo Sikhosana
  • Year of birth: 1997
  • Age: 27 years old
  • Place of birth: Soweto, South Africa
  • Nationality: South African
  • Occupation: Musician

Unlike his counterparts, Miano wanted to become a professional football player before music got the better part of him. However, seeing him perform today, you can easily tell that music came naturally to him, and it wasn’t learned. He got famous following the success of the song Labantwana Ama Uber, which he collaborated on with Semi Tee and Miano.

Semi Tee Has Equally Done Well As a Solo Artist

Although Semi Tee’s name is mostly mentioned with that of Miano and Kannu Dee, he still got a solo music career that isn’t doing bad at all. Coming on the heels of their successful Uber song, Semi released a couple of singles in 2020 and also 2 albums in the same year.

Piano Wave Project (2020 album)

  • Sax Lo World
  • Guitar Tint
  • Sgubhu Som’dako
  • iThonga Lam
  • Saxify
  • e’Raba Raba
  • Facetime
  • No String Attached
  • Ukuphicaphithana
  • Ng’Funa Wena
  • Abosisi Bendawo
  • Fundisa
  • Baby Mama Drama
  • Imiyalo
  • Route 69
  • Strong (Intro)

I’M ONLY TWENTY-ONE (2020 album)

  • Njalo
  • Ghetto Streets
  • FDala
  • Mapakisha
  • Mercedes
  • Reverse
  • Stayla
  • Vumani
  • Lockdown
  • Bam Bam
  • Ndaba Zakho

Tales of the 2 Peers (2021 album)

  • Rabaki
  • Buyisa
  • Tin stuff
  • Isingisi
  • Long weekend
  • Mama Ndiyabulela
  • Lomshini
  • Isiko lam
  • Tshidiso
  • Jersey No. 10
  • Madibuseng
  • Case Closed

What is Semi Tee’s Most Famous Song to Date?

In less than half a decade after he started his music career, Semi Tee climbed to the higher echelon with the speed of light. He already has 3 albums to his name with no less than 30 songs. From all he has done so far, Labantwana Ama Uber (feat. Miano & Kammu Dee) stands out as his most famous song, while his recent 2021 album Tales of the 2 peers is one of the most played songs in South Africa.

Another famous song of the musician deserving mention is Isingisi, a song he sang in collaboration with MDU, also known as TRP, and Sir Trill. The song has equally made waves in the South African music scene.

Looking at what he has been able to achieve within the short space of time he turned into a professional musician, we are confident that as the years roll by, Semi (and his group) will keep turning out songs that will thrill and excite music-loving people all over the world.


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