Who Is Peter Sebiloane and Does He Have a Wife?

Peter Sebiloane (born in February 1973; Age: 51 years old) is an accomplished businessman who serves as the founder and chairman of Ntsu e Ntsho Group of Companies. He is presently divorced and doesn’t have a wife.

Over the years, Peter has been rumored to have dated celebrities like Enhle Mbali, Amanda Du Pont, and Ayanda Thabethe, but he has never confirmed any of the dating rumors. Following his recent alleged breakup with DJ Coffee‘s ex-wife, Enhle Mbali, the EduSciMat chairman is said to be single and focused on building his multi-million rand international corporatized businesses. Some of his company’s subsidiaries include Emeritus Training Academy (Pty) Ltd and Enlight Techno Solution.

Peter Sebiloane’s Biography Summary

  • Full name: Peter Thapelo Sebiloane
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: February 1973
  • Peter Sebiloane’s Age: 51 years old
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Nationality: South African
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Peter Sebiloane’s Children: Two
  • Peter Sebiloane’s Net worth: R980 million
  • Famous for: Founding Ntsu e Ntsho and EduSciMat
  • Peter Sebiloane’s Instagram: @petercashhh
  • Twitter: @PSebiloane

How Old is Peter Sebiloane?

Peter Thapelo Sebiloane is 51 years old as he was born in February 1973. The wealthy businessman hails from Petrus Steyn in the Free State Province. He was born and raised in the small town in Free State. However, details about his parents and siblings, if any, have not been made public knowledge.

He is the Founder of Ntsu e Ntsho Group

Peter Sebiloane serves as the executive chairman and founder of the Ntsu e Ntsho Group of Companies. Before launching his business career, he was very passionate about music and thus, worked as a record producer. The self-made business tycoon later earned a Diploma in Business Management from a London-based higher institution. Afterward, he left the music industry.

He then established his first manufacturing company that mainly produced plastics. Sadly, his efforts were futile, and as a result, the factory was shut down due to low demand for the product and a lack of passion in the field. A true visionary, Peter Sebiloane was determined to make a name for himself as a savvy black industrialist.

Hence, he began his group of companies, Ntsu e Ntsho from scratch with his own resources. He launched the venture with the supply of stationery to public schools. He then came up with the science and maths lab initiatives emanating from his passion for improving science and mathematics learning techniques in South Africa.

This gave way to the launch of portable science laboratories, which soon led to the birth of permanent new laboratories. Consequently, classrooms in the provinces that embraced the initiative were adapted to suit the needs of science and maths labs. The South African provincial education department that has found resonance with the groundbreaking initiative includes:

  • The Lesotho Education Department
  • The Free State Education Department
  • The North West Education Department

The Subsidiaries Under Ntsu e Ntsho Group of Companies

With Science and Maths being essential prerequisites to many professions, EduSciMat was born out of the challenges experienced by the education system. Following the success of the maths and science laboratories in some parts of South Africa, Peter Sebiloane works aimlessly to extend the initiative to other provinces in the country, as well as other African countries such as Zimbabwe, Nigeria, and Swaziland.

The highly successful concept also gave rise to other business opportunities, such as:

  • Building of assembly lines to promote the local economy
  • Establishment of a tablet manufacturing plant
  • Training and development in the education space
  • Development of risk solutions with regards to supplied material and the specially adapted classrooms
  • Infrastructure development projects
  • Development of e-learning content material

At the moment, the diverse projects are being housed in separate companies. And the subsidiaries of the Ntsu e Ntsho Group Ltd, which are managed by Peter Sebiloane as the executive chairman are as follows:

  • EduSciMat (Pty) Ltd
  • EduSciMat International Holding (Pty) Ltd
  • EduSciMat Risk Solutions (Pty) Ltd
  • Enlight Techno Solution
  • Matla A Ntsu (Pty) Ltd
  • Emeritus Training Academy (Pty) Ltd

He Gained His First Big Contract in 2008

Although the Free State native started his business venture years back when he had stationery supply deals, he gained his biggest breakthrough in the year 2008 when he secured his first major contract with the Free State Department of Education. It was awarded to his company, EduSciMat. Peter Sebiloane began the business as a family-oriented structure.

Since acquiring the contract, he has transformed it into a multi-million rand international corporate business. In South Africa, he has worked closely with the Department of Basic Education to create innovative education solutions that can simplify and equally enhance how Science and Maths are taught in schools. Today, EduSciMat has installed more than 700 Maths laboratories in the Free State.

The company has also installed over 480 Maths laboratories in the North West province. Interestingly, Peter Sebiloane’s firm has forged partnerships with companies based in Singapore, India, and Portugal. They include JP based in Portugal which assists Ntsu e Ntsho Group with the assembly of customised tablets.

On the other hand, the Singaporean partners assist with the content materials offered to schools. Whereas, Designmate is the group’s IT partner on solutions they offer. Through providing innovative and value-added solutions to their clients, Peter Sebiloane’s Group of Companies aims to become the premier leader in the knowledge space in Africa.

Peter Sebiloane is a Real Estate Investor

Since the inception of EduSciMat and other subsidiaries of his group of companies, Peter Sebiloane has grown his wealth by diversifying into other businesses, such as real estate investment. The property mogul is said to own holiday homes in many countries across the globe and a classy hotel in Vaal. He further owns an opulent mansion worth R30 million located in Eagle Canyon in the Nothern suburbs of Johannesburg.

Peter Sebiloane’s net worth is reportedly R980 million. He is said to be worth more than that, as some of his investments were not registered in his name. Having attained such massive wealth, the businessman was once reported to have picked interest in investing in football clubs. He emerged as a favorite to purchase then-Premier Soccer League club Bloemfontein Celtic in 2016. The club, however, was later purchased by Khumo Molahlehi.

Who was Peter Sebiloane’s First Wife?

Peter Sebiloane had two children from his first marriage. However, the identity of his wife is still unknown. The only known fact is that the two annulled their marriage in 2015. Since then, the Chairman of EduSciMat has been single and romantically linked to actress Amanda Du Pont and media personality Ayanda Thabethe.

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How Long Have Peter Sebiloane and Enhle Mbali Been Together?

In March 2022, Peter Sebiloane was rumoured to be in a romantic affair with South African actress and fashion designer, Enhle Mbali. She was previously married to DJ Coffee and got separated from him in 2019. Rumour mill had it that the bubbling actress and the wealthy entrepreneur met in 2021 through a mutual friend and exchanged contact details.

Soon after, the two started hanging out, going on sumptuous dates where Mbali was treated like a queen by her new flame. Despite the age difference of 15 years between the pair, their relationship blossomed into a serious romantic affair. And The Herd star began visiting Peter Sebiloane at his residence in Joburg North frequently.

Even though they tried to keep the relationship away from the public, some of their close friends learned about it when the lovebirds were spotted at several malls dining together and looked smitten by love. It was also reported that Enhle Mbali had already introduced Peter Sebiloane to her mother, Bongi, during a party held at her mother’s house in early 2022.

With the actress confiding in her mum that the 51 years old businessman was the new love of her life, Bongi Mlotshwa was happy to see that Mr. Sebiloane made her daughter happy as he was quite supportive towards her. Enhle Mbali’s friends who revealed her relationship with Peter Sebiloane to Sunday World were also happy that she had found love again in the arms of Peter who seemed to have brightened her world since Enhle’s divorce from her estranged husband.

During Sebiloane’s birthday party in Sandton in February 2022, Enhle Mbali showed him love and support. The couple’s romantic affair came to light the following month when they were cozying up at the wedding of Peter Sebiloane’s business associate in Soweto. The two were also said to be affectionate towards each at the extravagant thanksgiving hosted by MaMkhize later in 2022. Their relationship, however, allegedly ended in late 2022.

Did Enhle Dump Peter Sebiloane For Justice Huni?

Enhle and Peter Sebiloane’s blossoming relationship was speculated to have ended in November 2022. It was reported that DJ Coffee‘s ex-wife abandoned her new man after he had a financial crisis. Sebiloane was rumored to be in financial difficulties following the alleged crash of his business. Consequently, his beautiful love story with the actress ended due to a lack of money.

The next month, Peter Sebiloane’s rumored ex-girlfriend made headlines for the wrong reason. She was accused of home wrecking by Valentine Bango, the wife of Justice Huni. Based on Bango’s lengthy social media post, Enhle Mbali and her husband were friends even before she married DJ Coffee. Then after her marriage, she had a fallout with Justice Huni, and they stopped talking to each other.

The actress returned to his life after her separation from the Grammy Award-winning DJ. Valentine leaked chats between her husband, Justice Huni and Mbali online and also shared an audio conversation she had with the TV star as proof. In the audio, Peter Sebiloane’s ex-girlfriend admitted sleeping with Valentine Bango’s husband.

While exposing her husband’s secret affair with the actress, Valentine Bango disclosed that she decided to make the affair public when her husband and Enhle asked her to welcome the idea of polygamy into their family as Justice has decided to make the former Scandal actress his second wife. She rejected and dismissed the proposal as polygamy is not want she wanted for her life.

Despite her husband pleading with her to protect Enhle Mbali’s public image, infuriated Valentine Bango went on to expose the secret affair. She said her husband’s actions have broken her. She even got Black Coffee entangled in the cheating saga when she questioned Enhle on crying about the DJ cheating on her while she did the same thing to another woman. And that since she welcomes polygamy, she would have encouraged her estranged husband to marry his mistress.

The Actress Denied Dating Peter Sebiloane

Enhle Mbali was faced with blackmail from stalkers with unregistered numbers who threatened to leak her private chats and the sexy pictures she exchanged with Peter Sebiloane while dating in November 2022. It happened that her phone was illegally tapped, and this gave the hackers access to her private conversations and sexy photos.

Enhle Mbali exposed her conversations with the stalkers in a now archived Instagram post. From the chats, it was noticed that she denied knowing who Peter Sebiloane was and refuted claims that she dated the businessman. She threatened her stalkers with legal actions as Cybercrimes Act was signed into law by President Cyril Ramaphosa on June 2nd, 2021.

What to Know About Peter Sebiloane’s Rumoured Ex-girlfriend, Enhle Mbali

Enhle Mbali was born Mbali Mlotshwa on March 3rd, 1988, in Johannesburg, South Africa. She began her acting career in the early 2000s and landed her breakout role with the TV series, Tshisha. In 2009, she emerged as the host of Young, Gifted, and Black on Channel O. Later, in 2011, she tied the knot with DJ Black Coffee, and the union produced two children.

After eight years of marriage, the actress separated from her husband in 2019, initiating acrimonious divorce proceedings. She then lost a bid to get her estranged husband to pay her more than R131,000 monthly in the following year. The purported monthly fees covered her legal fees and child and spousal maintenance.

Since the inception of her acting career, the 36 years old has made appearances in numerous TV series and films. They include Soul City, Rockville, Broken Vows, Isibaya, The Herd, Slay, and Lace. As a fashion designer, she launched SE Preggoz, a maternity wear range in SA and New York, in 2015.

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