Who Is Oscar Mbo? Biography of the South African Record Producer

Oscar Mbo is a South African record producer, disc jockey, and podcaster. who is best known for his performance in ‘The Ashamed Hour Show’ and has also released several songs loved by so many South Africans. According to Wikipedia, he became active in the South African music industry in 2017, and in the space of five years, he is already making a big name for himself.

The talented producer makes music that contains elements of Lounge music, Nu Jazz, Broken beat, Deep house, and Deep tech. Being so good at what he does, he is amassing a crowd of fans for himself. Becoming a person of influence also makes you of interest to so many people who you may call fans, but Oscar is not the type of person who brings so much of his life up for public scrutiny.

Biography and Profile Summary Of Oscar Mbo

  • Name: Oscar Mbongeni Ndlovu
  • Place of birth: Pretoria
  • Origin: Mpumalanga, South Africa
  • Nationality: South African
  • Occupation: DJ, record producer, and podcaster
  • Label: The Unashamed Hour
  • Best known for: Founding and featuring in The Ashamed Hour podcast
  • Social media handles: Instagram: @oscarmbo | Twitter: @OscarMbo | YouTube: Oscar Mbo | Facebook: OscarMboPage
  • Website: www.oscarmbodj.com

Oscar Mbo Keeps His Age Away From The Public

The famous record producer hails from a small town called Kriel in Mpumalanga province, located in the west of Witbank – where he was also raised. Aside from the aforementioned, other basic information such as who his parents are and what exactly his childhood experience was like is not known. Oscar is not one of those celebrities who is okay with making his age and exact date of birth open for the entire public to know. Although his age is private, it has not stopped him from celebrating his birthday on social media.

He celebrates himself on the 7th of August every year but keeps his actual age away. There are reports that he should be in his 30s, but until he confirms such, we can not be so sure. All we can do is wish him a happy birthday on the 7th of August every year.

He Attended The University of South Africa (UNISA)

There is currently no information about the primary school Oscar Mbo attended, but considering that he was born and raised in Kriel, he most likely attended a primary school there. In 2005, he became a student of Kriel High School, where he successfully completed his secondary school education and matriculated in 2009.

Following his matriculation in 2009, the following year, he became a student at the University of South Africa (UNISA) to become an occupational health and safety professional until 2013. Despite studying a health-related course in the university, Oscar knew where his passion lay and did not give up on pursuing his dream. Today, even without an educational qualification in music, he is excelling in his career choice.

At The Age of 19, Oscar Mbo Landed His First Gig

A year after graduating from high school, Oscar started nurturing the idea of starting a record label, and as early as the age of 19, he landed his very first gig. At the early stage of his career, he was known in his locality as a local broadcaster until 2015, when he started getting featured on radio and television stations.

Mbo started his broadcasting career around the same time he was in the university, and knowing that it was his dream to own a renowned record label, he continued to push until 2015, when he became a DJ for a TV production of Strategy TV.

Until 2017, he was a DJ for Hit Refresh in the Vuzu Experience. Since 2017, his fame and influence have continued to increase, and he has been featured in different radio stations as a live mixer like iKwekwezi FM, Metro FM, Arise FM, TransAfrica Radio FM, E-Malahleni FM, and VOC Radio Station.

In 2019, Oscar Mbo Released His First EP And Went On His First International Tour

Oscar Mbo is a member of the renowned trio entertainment group called Golden Boys Entertainment, famous for organizing high-class entertainment events. 2019 was a high year for Oscar Mbo’s career, as he released his first EP, launched his first album, and went on his first international tour that year.

His first EP, ‘Life & Love,’ was released in September 2019. Barely two months later, he released his debut album titled ‘Golden Power.’ In 2019, he performed for DJOON Club in Paris and DJ Shimza’s show in Mozambique tagged ‘One Man Show.’ That same year, he performed at Swaziland’s House Musiq Festival and Wololo Music Festival in Witbank.

In 2020, Oscar Mbo Released His Second Album

Oscar Mbo continued the hard work in 2020, despite all the setbacks the year brought along with it due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In October 2020, he released his second album titled ‘For The Groovists’, where he featured the Amapiano legend Kabza De Small.

The work put into the production of this album was recognized by the South African Music Award (SAMA) organizers. At the 27th South African Music Awards, it was nominated for the award of “Best Dance Album’. In July 2021, he released his second EP titled ‘Defenders of the House.’

The Singer Started His Podcast In 2011

Over the years, it is undeniable that Oscar has made serious career progress. His podcast, ‘The Ashamed Hour,’ which he began in 2011, has become a recognized entertainment hub for local and international music artists. His social media accounts have also received a good number of followers, which has made him a target for brand endorsement deals from brands like Diesel South Africa and Renault Eastvaal.

Some of His Best Works

  • Smooth Grooves
  • Sunset Groove
  • Lets Play
  • Life & Love
  • Good Loving
  • Grateful
  • I Come to You
  • Moya Wami
  • All I Need
  • Atlantis
  • Boogie With Me
  • Free Me
  • Muziki Ni Furaha
  • Book Of Revelations
  • Ndisele
  • The Energy
Despite his efforts, Oscar Mbo is yet to win any award. However, he received nominations for two different South African Music Awards (SAMA) in 2021, namely “Male Artist of the Year” and “Best Dance Album.”

Oscar Mbo Has A Son But Keeps His Relationship Life Private

While we may not know so much about Oscar Mbo’s relationship life, we know that the record producer is a father. He has a son named ‘Don,’ and he is so proud of his son as he always shares pictures of him on social media. On Father’s Day, he takes time to thank his son for making him a father, and on the 8th of September, Oscar celebrates his son’s birthday.

Aside from his son, Oscar Mbo is known to keep everything about his private life away from the public. There is currently no information about who his girlfriend is. In a social media post in 2019, where he gifted an unknown lady flowers, fans were quick to conclude that she was his girlfriend. However, all of these claims are yet to be confirmed.

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