Who Is Mapula Mafole from Rhythm City?

Mapula Mafole (born July 18, 1990) is a 33 years old South African model and entertainer who gained fame for starring as Mapula in Rhythm City, the Mzansi situational youth series.

One of Mzansi’s young and gifted talents, Mapula’s consistency, self-confidence, and flawless acting skills have made her stand out on the South African entertainment scene. She consistently takes career-defining strides that set her apart from her contemporaries. Read on to learn more about her family, birth, personal life, profession, and achievements.

Summary Of Mapula Mafole’s Biography

  • Full Name: Mapula Mafole
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: July 18, 1990
  • Mapula Mafole’s Age: 33 years old
  • Place of Birth: North West Province
  • Zodiac sign: Cancer
  • Nationality: South African
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Parents: Moses and Monica Mafole
  • Siblings: Tebogo, Thabiso, and Kabelo Mafole
  • Mapula Mafole’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 6 inches
  • Mapula Mafole’s Height in Centimetres: 167 cm
  • Mapula Mafole’s Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs)
  • Mapula Mafole’s Net Worth: $100,000
  • Famous for: Starring in Rhythm City
  • Twitter: mapulamafole

Mapula Mafole Grew Up Under The Care Of Her Elder Sister, Tebogo

Born in the North-West Province on July 18, 1990, the South African entertainer became a household name after appearing in the popular drama series Rhythm City as Mapula. Although she has been in the public’s eye for well over a decade due to how early her acting and entertainment career began, details regarding a lot of information on her family and personal life are still heavily shrouded in mystery.

While there are a few certainties and facts that independent sources have corroborated, it is clear that Mapula Mafole is not one to keep personal and family details in the spotlight. She has three older siblings, namely Tebogo, Thabiso, and Kabelo Mafole. The Mafole family lived in Klerksdorp before moving to Tshwane when the Mapulo was ten years of age.

Soon after they moved to Tshwane, both of her parents, Moses and Monica Mafole, traveled to the United Kingdom to enhance their business. As the youngest of the Mafole family, Mapula was left in the care of Tebogo, her elder sister, and currently the wife of one of South Africa’s hottest DJs, DJ Christos. Not so much is known of her basic education – primary and secondary – however, Mapula Mafole bagged her degree and graduated from the renowned AFDA: The School for the Creative Economy.

She Made Her Career Debut In 2012 With The TV Series – Intersexions

The South African-born entertainer has been acting professionally since 2012. Mapula is proud of her heritage and constantly challenges herself to do better. Right from time, she had always known she was meant to be great and consequently refused to allow herself to be defined by people’s opinions of her. Mapula has cast such a vast shadow across the South African entertainment industry regardless of her petite physique.

Mapula Mafole has always loved entertainment from a very young age. Acting mock drama scenes, playing imitation roles, and many more were Mapula’s regular recreational activities when she was younger. This almost certainly played an important role in how early she made it to the big screen. Mapula starred in Intersection, the 2012 TV show where she was one of the standout performers.

Her role in the series captivated countless fans across the country who began to cherish the character she played in the series. She was so successful that fans clamored to see her star in more roles. This brought about a series of internet conversations asking for her to be included in more motion pictures because of her lovely personality and character interpretation skills.

She Joined Rhythm City In 2015, And Her Role As Mapula Changed Her Outlook On Life

Mapula Mafole was 27 years old when she came aboard the cast list for the series Rhythm City in 2015. However, her petite physique and innocence made her play the part of a 17-year-old teenager in the series. She interpreted the role so well, and she would later reveal to her fans that playing the character of Mapula had taught her important life lessons that she likely wouldn’t have learned otherwise.

In an interview, the award-winning T.V star and entertainer revealed to TshisaLIVE that the teenage character she played on the series had taught her a great deal. She explained that though she was 27, she had gained a great amount of knowledge from the teenage character she played at Rhythm City. She explained that the character made her begin to see things differently, which was not surprising since she spent a lot of time bringing the character to life.

She insists that playing the Mapula character has truly awoken her to the change that one individual can bring about, especially for young adults growing up in a family situation similar to hers. While there is no clear definition describing what capacity Mapula would be helping these young adults, she maintains that her main aim is to be there for them and see what difference she can make in their lives, whether financially, materially, or as emotional support.

As A Young Girl, Mapula Mafole Struggled With Depression

After the departure of her parents to the UK for business, Mapula Mafole struggled with the change of schools. She also found it difficult to live city life as she faced numerous challenges adapting to life in the city and would often feel isolated and lonely. She bottled up all her feelings and thoughts, which ultimately led to depression and struggles with anxiety. She would cope by locking herself up in her bedroom while going days without eating anything. She would also spend hours crying without end, which just worsened the situation for Mapula.

She Sought Help From Her School Psychologist

Her struggle with depression was so severe that at the tender age of 13, she already realized that she needed help and went to the school psychologist for assistance. The psychologist offered her therapy sessions, and by the time she was graduating from high school, she was doing a lot better and was confident that she wanted to pursue a career in acting.

Mapula was able to put her life back in order despite the challenges she faced. Today, the actress says that depression and mental health illnesses can be triggered by anything. She still has moments when she struggles with anxiety and depression, and sometimes she turns towards food for comfort.

Mapula Mafole’s Awards and Nominations

Mapula Mafole has starred in many roles across many drama series, movies, and TV shows. Among them are the following:

  • Intersexions (2012)
  • Rhythm City (2015 – 2021)
  • Z’bondiwe (2015)
  • Generations: The Legacy (2016)
  • Soul City

In 2018, the entertainer was selected for the honor of Best Supporting Actress in a TV Soap/Telenovela in the South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTAs) for her portrayal of the character Mapula in Rhythm City.

Besides Acting, Mapula Mafole’s Passion Was Music As A DJ

Mapula Mafole is pursuing her dream of becoming probably Mzansi’s best DJ. The star took to online media on Thursday, June 3, sharing that for a long while, she’d been itching to bring a different energy to the music scene in Mzansi. Mapula explained that she grew up around music and DJs and had practically forever wanted to become one.

Being around renowned DJs while growing up propelled Mapula. She felt she could do what they did and knew that one day she would become a DJ. She loves music, and she has a low pitch guitar that she considers to be her best buy yet. Mapula Mafole has given fans access to her music journey as she revives her enthusiasm for music and showcases her DJ abilities. Her fans can hardly wait to begin booking her out for gigs.

She shared a video of her making some music on a DJ set, and when a curious fan asked how soon she would be getting booked for appointments, Mapula let the fan know that she was not yet prepared to be booked yet but was only rehearsing.


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