Who Is Mangwabe Mseleku and Where Is She Now?

Mangwabe Mseleku (born December 27, 1983) is a 40-year-old South African nurse and reality TV personality better known for being the fourth wife of Musa Mseleku. 

A passionate healthcare personnel, Musa’s wife is currently in South Africa taking care of her family, running her businesses, and studying for more nursing certificates. Her dream is to take care of patients in rural communities first before they are referred.

Mangwabe’s Bio

  • AGE: 40 years old
  • BIRTHDAY: December 27, 1983
  • BIRTHPLACE: South Africa
  • BIRTH SIGN: Caparison
  • ETHNICITY: Black

What is Mangwabe Mseleku’s Age?

Mangwabe Mseleku was born on December 27th, 1983, in South Africa. She is currently  40 years old, 8 years younger than her polygamist husband Musa. Regardless, age is just a number for them, and it has never been a problem.

She was raised in a family that valued education. Sadly, the identities of her parents and family members are not publicly known. Mangwabe spent the bulk of her life in her hometown and was educated in schools nearby, although their names are not public knowledge.

Mangwabe Mseleku’s Profession

Mangwabe Mseleku is a nurse by profession. She holds several nursing certificates, although the names of the higher institutions she has attended from the beginning of her academic journey are being withheld from the public.

In September 2022, she and her family celebrated another milestone in her academic career. She bagged a diploma in nursing from Thembelani Nursing College. In the previous episodes of her family show, Uthando Nesthembu, MaNgwabe, and her husband sat down to discuss her nursing profession.

Musa was angry that she was spending more time on her studies while paying little time to him and her family. She tried to make him understand that the gap in their relationship was a result of her studies, which she said she is committed to.

Mangwabe was excited when she eventually completed her diploma. She mentioned that the certificate was the confirmation of her sweat as it took her a lot of hard work to successfully complete the two-year diploma course.

She is said to have since bagged another diploma. Mangwabe loves studying, and her long-term goal is to manage a health institution and impart her knowledge and skills to her younger colleagues.

Where Is Mangwabe Mseleku Now?

Mangwabe Mseleku currently lives with her kids in the apartment her husband built for her. She manages her businesses and other tasks from her home. She also makes out time for her family TV show, which has been airing on Mzansi Magic since May 19, 2017.

As a nurse with a passion for primary healthcare, Mangwabe’s dream is to take care of patients in rural communities first. This means there could be a need for her to shuttle between local clinics when she finally starts practicing.

Is Mangwabe Mseleku Still Musa Mseleku’s Wife?

Yes, Mangwabe Mseleku is still legally married to Musa Mseleku. The two have never separated, divorced, or given viewers the impression that they are no longer interested in each other.

The professional nurse gained notoriety as the fifth wife of Musa Mseleku. She and Musa’s third wife MaKhumalo, are besties because they were introduced to each other by their husband at the time he was dating the both of them.

However, the polygamist ended up marrying MaKhumalo first. Mangwabe and Musa wedded at the Department of Home Affairs in 2009, and they share two daughters together – Mawande (born 2012) and Zenande (born 2017).

The polygamist once disclosed that he regretted marrying Mangwabe because she dedicates most of her time to her work and studies. Again, her husband is not comfortable with her decision not to have more children.

Musa intends to give birth to 20 children. He currently has ten children from three of his wives and past relationships.

Mangwabe hasn’t publicly spoken much about her polygamous family. She seems to be comfortable with polygamous arrangements being the last wife and having known what she was getting into before marriage.

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