Who Is Lulu Menziwa and What is Her Net Worth?

Lulu Menziwa (born November 1, 1992; Age: 31 years old) is a South African Mathematics school teacher, businesswoman, and social media influencer who became an overnight sensation after photos of her wearing what the public considered extremely figure-hugging clothes went viral. 

Lulu is one of the richest teachers in the country, with a net worth estimated at a whopping R7 million. The smart math lady who is famous for her curvy body literally lives the life most teachers in South Africa only dream of.

Summary of Lulu Menziwa’s Biography

  • Full name: Buhle Menziwa
  • Nickname: Lulu
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: November 1, 1992
  • Lulu Menziwa’s Age: 31 years old
  • Ethnicity: Zulu
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Lulu Menziwa’s Net Worth: R7 million (est.)
  • Famous for: Being South Africa’s hottest and wealthiest classroom teacher
  • Lulu menziwa’s Instagram: lulumenziwa
  • Twitter: @lulu menziwa
  • Facebook: Lulu Menziwa

Lulu Menziwa Hails from KwaZulu-Natal Province

Lulu Menziwa is a native of one of the villages in KwaZulu-Natal province. Her parents gave birth to her on the 1st of November 1992, and she is currently 31 years old. Menziwa, who is of Zulu ancestry, was named Buhle Menziwa at birth. However, her fans also call her “Lulu” and “Madam B.”

The South African school teacher was raised in her village in KwaZulu-Natal. Sadly, she hasn’t shared information about her background, parents, early life, and siblings publicly. This is the reason the public does not know the names of her parents, siblings, what her childhood looked like, and what her siblings are currently up to.

Lulu holds a Bsc Education Management Degree from one of the universities in the country, as well as a Master’s degree in Mathematics. The names of the schools she attended are yet to be publicized. However, we can establish that all the schools she attended are in South Africa.

It is not known how long Menziwa has been a school teacher, but it appears she has been in the field for a long time.

Lulu Menziwa Became Famous on Social Media in 2019

2019 was the year Menziwa was thrust into the public eye after photos of her looking ‘hot’ in figure-hugging clothes in a classroom with her students circulated on the internet. It all started when a Twitter user Lufuno Mathoni brought her case to the attention of Gauteng MEC Panyaza Lesufi.

Mathoni indirectly insinuated that Lulu’s dressing makes it difficult for kids to pass. His post subsequently triggered lots of reactions from the public, with most people condemning her attire and describing it as “inappropriate.”

In response, the celebrity schoolteacher maintained that she only teaches young people whose minds are not corrupt like that of people on social media. She went on to ask her critics to let her be and focus on teaching her students.

She instantly became a person of public interest after the incident, and since then, her popularity has continued to soar. Lulu’s fanbase steadily grows in leaps and bounds, and she seems to be enjoying the attention.

Did She Lose Her Job Over Her Nude Photos?

Menziwa is currently working as a teacher. She was not sacked by the concerned regulators in the Gauteng education department regardless of the public outcry that trailed the emergence of several photos of her in tight outfits in the classroom.

The department is yet to comment on her case regarding her fashion sense or reveal if they intend to take any action against her. Recently, Lulu trended on social media after sharing nude photos of herself.

This intensified calls for her to be sacked as a teacher as most people condemned her decision to share her scantily clad body on her Instagram page. Regardless, the South African celebrity teacher seems unbothered by the negative comments against her.

She keeps sharing half-naked pictures of herself on her social media pages, which doesn’t sit well with lots of people.

Lulu Menziwa is Blessed With an Amazing Body

Menziwa may not be a lot of people’s favorite, but she is absolutely gorgeous and naturally endowed in the right places. She has a tight curvy body, which most people find attractive.

Madam B, as she is fondly called by her fans, flaunts her banging body through her skimpy wear. She has a decent height that complements her weight and other body features. However, the exact figure of her height, weight, and other body measurements are not open to public scrutiny.

Lulu Menziwa is Dubbed South Africa’s Richest Teacher 

It is difficult to tell if Menziwa is actually South Africa’s richest teacher because her net worth is being reviewed currently. Again, there is no official ranking of the richest teachers in South Africa to validate if she is the richest or not.

One thing that would be difficult to ignore or sideline about her, however, is her flashy lifestyle which she has tremendously stepped up since she became popular. Lulu’s Instagram account is on another level. Perhaps, this was the reason she was dubbed South Africa’s richest teacher.

Besides teaching, Menziwa makes her money from promoting notable brands in the country. She also has a clothing line as well as a health, beauty, and skincare line. It is said that these brands pay jaw-dropping amounts to her to promote their products.

Lulu has also taken up a couple of modeling gigs, but there is no further information about this aspect of her career. No one knows the exact amount Lulu earns as a schoolteacher and also makes monthly. Some unverified sources claimed her net worth is about R7 million.

Other Notable Details about the South African Celebrity School Teacher

  • Buhle “Lulu” Menziwa has over a million followers across her social media accounts.
  • She was once offered a million-rand advertisement deal with the automobile company Mercedes Benz, according to reports.
  • Lulu is the owner of MadamB skin care products.
  • The curvy school teacher is the most followed school teacher in South Africa on social media.
  • Lulu has an impressive number of fans outside of South Africa, including Nigeria and Ghana.
  • She is currently considered South Africa’s sexiest teacher.
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