Who Is Lebo Phasha, TK Nciza’s Girlfriend?

Lebo Phasha is widely known in South African celebrity circles as the lady who is allegedly responsible for the collapse of TK Nciza’s marriage to Nhlanhla Nciza.

It was an open secret in the months (even years) leading to the divorce that the beautiful Phasha was the other woman in the union, so after the public announcement of TK Nciza’s divorce from his wife in June 2019, Lebo Phasha became a trend on Twitter.

While it was obvious that TK Nciza was having an affair with Lebo Phasha while still married to his now ex-wife, it has made Lebo a celebrity’ side chick’ as while some people bash her for being a homewrecker, others praise her for fighting for the man she loves. On their part, both TK and Lebo believe that they have fought for love and deserve the happiness they now share.

Summary of Lebo Phasha’s Biography

  • Full Name: Lebo Phasha
  • Gender: Female
  • Ethnicity: Zulu
  • Nationality: South African
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: In a relationship
  • Lebo Phasha’s Children: 1
  • Lebo’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 9 inches
  • Lebo Phasha’s Height in Centimetres: 175 cm
  • Famous for: Being the girlfriend of TK Nciza
  • Lebo Phasha’s Instagram: @Lebo_Phasha_22
  • Twitter: Lebo Phasha
  • Facebook: Lebo Phasha

Lebo Phasha Is Yet To Reveal Her Age

Lebo Phasha does not have so many friendly fans; as such, she tries to keep her private life as private as possible. Details about her early life, age, date of birth, parent, siblings, and educational background have not been revealed to the public.

However, there are speculations that she was born on October 22. Speculations about her birthday were brought about after a Twitter user named @HloniMotaung_ shared her birthday on the 22nd of October in 2015 and 2017.

There Are Reports That She Started Dating TK Nciza In 2015

Although news about Lebo Phasha’s relationship with TK Nciza became public in 2019 after his divorce from his ex-wife Nhlanhla, there are reports that they started dating in 2015. Rumor has it that Lebo Phasha may even be the reason for TK Nciza’s divorce from Nhlanhla Nciza, as one of the reasons stated for their divorce is infidelity.

Her Boyfriend, TK Nciza, Is A South African Politician

Thembinkosi Nciza is a former record label boss who became a politician and served as the Secretary-General for the African National Congress (ANC) in Gauteng. His time as a record label boss and music producer saw him co-own the defunct TS Records Company in South Africa, where he mixed and produced music tracks and videos for South African musicians.

He ran TS Record with DJ Sbu until 2015, when the company closed down entirely due to irreconcilable differences between the two. Since then, he has set his sights on politics, and his political influence is seen more in Gauteng.

Before Thembinkosi officially started dating Lebo, he was married to Nhlanhla Nciza. If you’ve heard of the popular Mafikizolo, then you will know who Nhlanhla Nciza is. Nhlanhla Nciza is a South African singer who is part of the musical group Mafikizolo alongside Theo Kgosinkwe.

They were married for 15 years, and within that time, they raised four kids, three sons, and a daughter. Sadly, their daughter lost her life in 2009 to a tragic road accident. In 2019, the couple filed for an amicable divorce, citing infidelity as the reason and the fact they fell out of love with each other. They agreed to continue caring for their children together despite the split.

Is Lebo Phasha Responsible for the Collapse of His Marriage?

If the rumors are true and Lebo Phasha and TK Nciza started having an affair in 2015, then she is most likely one of the reasons for the collapse of the latter’s marriage of 15 years. The dissolution of the marriage between power couple Nhlanhla and TK came as a shock to many of their fans. It was the former who announced on social media in June 2019, stating that she and her husband had decided to end their 15-year marriage.

With the shock came curiosity, and as members of the public, including the press, tried to find out more about what happened, the Mafikizolo singer declined all requests to expound on her reasons for that decision; instead, she asked for privacy and alone time for the sake of her children.

It is said Nhlanhla Nciza knew about the affair but looked the other way until it she couldn’t overlook it anymore. In the aftermath of the divorce, some Tweeps users started dragging TK Nciza, alleging that the politician was solely responsible for the failed marriage because of his unfaithfulness.

This was when news about Lebo Phasha’s illicit relationship with a husband and a father became public knowledge. With that knowledge, fans of Nhlanhla flooded Lebo’s social media accounts and began dragging her as well for being vile and heartless. As things started to heat up, she deactivated her Instagram account.

Lebo Phasha is Very Much Younger Than TK Nciza 

Lebo Phasha is not your regular celebrity which would explain why there is a dearth of information about her more personal details online. These details include her age, and as a result of that, we cannot tell the exact age difference between her and her politician beau.

On the other hand, Thembinkosi Nciza was born March 15, 1978, and is 46 years old. A look at both lovers already shows that Nciza is much older than Phasha, who looks well in her late 20s or early 30s at most. Going by this assumption, the difference between them might be around 10 to 20 years.

How Did Lebo Phasha Go Official with TK Nciza?

It has been established that Lebo Phasha was having an affair with TK Nciza while he was married, an affair that ultimately led to the end of his 15-year marriage to Mzansi’s darling, Nhlanhla Nciza. However, after the divorce, the lovers seemed unapologetic about their relationship as they didn’t hold back in flaunting their love all over the place.

Lebo Phasha became somewhat emboldened as she started sharing pictures with TK Nciza on social media, and to be fair, she wasn’t alone as the just divorced TK Nciza also did the same. It was a display of a love that had been liberated. In June 2020, TK Nciza posted matching photographs of them on Instagram with messages that surprised many.

In his caption, he said that this was how love is supposed to be, and he doesn’t care what anybody thinks because he is happy. Although Lebo Phasha has been named a homewrecker, she doesn’t seem to care about what people think. The lady is loving the lavish lifestyle with the love of her life and living her life the best way she can.

She shows no sense of remorse for her actions and has owned it. She once shared pictures of herself and TK with a caption that said her life with TK is what love is supposed to be. She is living with her man, and that’s what she wants. However, their love doesn’t seem to have lasted for so long, as they have both deleted pictures of each other from their social media handles. On social media, they are now keeping it professional.

There Are Rumors That Lebo Phasha Is Cheating On TK Nciza 

From the looks of things, TK Nciza is having a taste of the “breakfast” he served his ex-wife, Nhlanhla Nciza, as there are rumors that Lebo Phasha is cheating on him with her ex-boyfriend, TM Luchesse.

In June 2022, a famous South African social media influencer known as ‘Man’s Not Barry Roux’ shared pictures of Lebo Phasha sitting on the laps of TM Luchesse and revealed that she was cheating on TK with Luchesse.

Other Twitter users started slamming TK Nciza for leaving his wife for a lady who ended up cheating on him. According to the reports, she cheated on him while he was away for an ANC Conference.

Neither Lebo nor TK have addressed this cheating allegation, but for the look of things, there seems to be trouble in paradise, and the love they fought for was probably not as beautiful as they thought. They are both taking the same pill they probably forced Nhlanhla to swallow.

Who is Lebo Phasha’s Baby Daddy?

Before Lebo Phasha started dating TK Nciza, she was in a relationship with an unknown South African soccer player. Her relationship with this soccer player resulted in the birth of a child. However, she is yet to reveal the identity of the child and that of her baby daddy.

Aside from her baby daddy, she has also been in a relationship with a man known as TM Luchesse. We don’t know whether it’s the same person as her baby daddy. However, what we know is that he is the man who may be sharing Lebo with TK.

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