Who Is Khanyi Mbau’s Boyfriend?

Khanyi Mbau’s boyfriend is a Zimbabwean-born business tycoon called Kudzai Terrance Mushonga. The public learned about the actress’s relationship with her boyfriend in the month of February 2021. 

Mbau and Mushonga first met in 2016 at a campaign meeting. They formally began dating in the year 2019. The couple kept their romance a secret for two years until Valentine’s Day 2021, when they made their relationship public.

Khanyi Mbau is in a Relationship With a Zimbabwean-born Businessman

Khanyi Mbau’s boyfriend is Kudzai Terranga Mushonga, a Zimbabwean-born business mogul. The two met in 2016 at a campaign meeting and began a serious romantic affair in 2019.

The love birds’ relationship has been under the spotlight ever since they went public with it. The actress has, on several occasions, shared lovely pictures of her and her hunky boyfriend spending lavishly on food, holidays, expensive clothing, and just having fun generally.

Kudzai seems to have so much light into the light of the celebrity TV personality. She once shared an Instagram post of gratitude to the businessman for supporting her and allowing her to live her dreams.

She described him as the best thing that has ever happened to him and her superhero. Mbau’s boyfriend reportedly pays for Khanyi’s daughter’s tuition and boarding fees, having taken her as his own daughter.

The Truth about Khanyi Mbau and Kudzai’s Dubai Brouhaha

Khanyi left many people worried in September 2021 when her boyfriend shared on social media that she left him in Dubai and returned to South Africa without informing him. The lovers, who now reside in Dubai, had relocated to start a new life and also set up some businesses.

It happened that they had their biggest fight, and Kudzai decided to drop off Mbau at a salon to do her nails after the fight. A worried Mushonga kept waiting for his woman until 2 am the next day, only to find out later she had returned to South Africa on a first-class flight.

Before he received a message from Khanyi telling him that she was in South Africa, a heartbroken Kudzai had already done a 24-minute Instagram Live Video telling his fans that his girlfriend was missing.

He made another video the following day, revealing that Mbau had sent him a message that she was in South Africa. Kudzai confessed that Khanyi was the woman he had never cheated on, adding that he loved her so much.

He also disclosed that his mother had warned him to leave Khanyi but that he finds it difficult to do so because he and the actress are so honest with each other. The Zimbabwean businessman also apologized to her for the fight.

The two have since reunited. Khanyi is currently enjoying the best moments of her life with her beau in the United Arab Emirates.

Khanyi Mbau’s Boyfriend Saga Earned Her an Award in 2021

Mbau received the Drama Queen of the Year award at the Feather’s Award in November 2021 for leaving her boyfriend and taking a first-class flight to return home to South Africa. She dedicated the award to Kudzai for showing men that it’s OK to show strength in pain, be remorseful on social media, and even look like a fool when fighting for love.

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She also praised him for showing men how to fight for the woman they love in the most respectful way. The actress emphasized that the Dubai incident was a representation of the importance of women having their own wealth so as not to be stranded o helpless when their man pisses them off.

The Actress’s Reaction to the Dubai Saga Earned her Serious Backlash

Khanyi made her first public reaction to the Dubai brouhaha while she was hosting events at a nightclub. She comically sang a song about leaving her beau in Dubai. She chanted “Heh Phuma Ngathi Uyabuya. Shiyi Ndoda e Dubai (Walkout as though you are coming back and leave him in Dubai).”

This led to the public seriously criticizing her for being insensitive and unreasonable to her boyfriend. She is said to have also produced a song titled: “Shiya Indoda e Dubai” after her return.

In a subsequent interview, the former Muvhango star disclosed that she abandoned her boyfriend in Dubai because she needed to protect her mental space. She added that her song about the Dubai saga was specifically for ‘slay queens’ in the country who would want to travel the whole world like her but have nothing of their own.

Mbau stressed that it is OK to desire to tour the world but that such young girls need to have their own money or know their worth so that when they get into a fight with their boyfriends, it would be easy for them to leave secretly.

Khanyi dedicated the song as well to her beau.

Did the Lovers Ever Break Up?

Not at all. Mbau only spent some days in South Africa after the incident and then flew back to her man in Dubai later. She admitted that the fight was a result of something going wrong in their relationship at some point and that it is their duty to sit down face-to-face and find out what exactly went wrong.

The duo’s relationship was only eight months old at the time of the incident. Khanyi and her boyfriend have never been in the news for any wrong reason since they reconciled. They’ve been going strong and have been supportive of each other.

Khanyi Mbau is Older Than Her Boyfriend

Like most men she has dated in the past, Kudzai is much younger than Khanyi Mbau. The latter has a reputation for dating older men who are wealthy. Mushonga is popularly called the “Ndege boy” in his hometown in Zimabwean for being one of the youngest men to buy a private jet.

He has chains of business in both Zimbabwe and South Africa. He specifically runs transport and logistics businesses in the country. Kudzai is reportedly being wanted by both the Zimbabwean and South African police forces for fraud-related crimes.

He is said to have defrauded a Harare, Zimbawe-based micro financer by applying for a loan with false documentation and also robbed a Johannesburg entrepreneur in a botched car sale deal.

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