Who Is Karabo Magongwa, the Real-Life Keletso from House of Zwide?

Karabo Magongwa (born in 2008) is a South African teenage actress who gained fame from her television appearances in commercials (for Oreos and Standard Bank) and in the TV series House of Zwide, where she played the role of Keletso.

Being a teenage actress, Karabo Magongwa’s mother keeps a better part of her daughter’s private life away from the public for reasons best known to her and probably for her daughter’s safety. However, we have gathered interesting facts about the real-life Keletso from House of Zwide: Karabo Magongwa.

Summary of Karabo Magongwa’s Biography

  • Full Name: Karabo Magongwa
  • Gender: Female
  • Year of Birth: 2008
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Nationality: South African
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Famous for: Her roles in South African commercials and drama series
  • Karabo Magongwa’s Instagram: @karabo_magongwa
  • Facebook: Karabo Magongwa

The Exact Birthdate of Karabo Magongwa Remains a Mystery

The date of birth of Karabo Magongwa is unknown, but she was born in 2008 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her mother is Patricia Magongwa, but there is no information regarding the identity of her father. There is also no information that would help ascertain if she had siblings or the kind of family she was born into.

Available reports show that she was raised by her mother, as there are no records about her father or any father figure in her life to date. The dearth of information about the actress may be down to the fact that she is only a teenager, and it is believed that as she grows and her influence in the industry expands, she may grant more interviews and reveal more details about her early life and childhood.

What Schools Did Karabo Magongwa Attend?

Karabo Magongwa was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and reports show that she grew up and made most of her childhood memories there. If that is the case, it is only straightforward to know that she obtained her basic education there. According to available reports, Karabo had her elementary education at the Johannesburg Institutional Primary School, where she did her grade R school.

For high school, it is still difficult to tell which high school she attended because she and her family have not yet disclosed such details to the public, nor has she made any posts on her social media accounts as regards the high school she attends. However, you can rest assured that when that part of her life is clarified, we will bring it all to you on this channel.

At her current age – as of the time of this article – she should be in high school, so there may be no need to talk about the tertiary institution she must have attended as she is yet to attend any.

Karabo Magongwa Has Starred In A Couple of TV Series 

As early as three, Karabo expressed her desire to be on the television screen to her mother. In a quest to make the little girl’s desires a reality, Karabo Magongwa’s mother, Patricia, registered her with an agency. Three years later, she made her debut in acting as she starred in a commercial for Oreos biscuits – at the time, Karabo Magongwa was just six years old.

In this television commercial, Karabo explained to her on-screen father the need to eat biscuits. The television commercial later went on to be voted “The Cutest Kid Advert Ever” by Buzzfeed.com, a US online site with about 60 million users.

She has also starred in commercials for banks, including on for Standard Bank app for android and tablets. She played the role of a little girl who accompanied her father to get to the ATM. Beyond commercials, Karabo Magongwa has also made an appearance in the Vuzu amp TV series, Abomama, where she played the role of Azania.

She Currently Plays The Role Of Keletso In e.TV’s House Of Zwide

Karabo Magongwa stars in a TV series, House of Zwide, in which she plays the role of Keletso Molapo. In the series, she acts as the youngest sister of Isaac and Rea Molapo. Her character, Keletso, is an intelligent grade 7 pupil who her friends bullied for being a snitch, but she is able to stand up for herself.

The most beautiful thing about working on a movie production set is the interaction with an older and more experienced actor whom you could be inspired by and learn from as an upcoming actor. Having said that, working on the House of Zwide, Karabo has had the rare privilege to speak to and probably interact with some of the industry’s top stars, including legends like Vusi Kunene and Winnie Ntshaba.

A List of Karabo Magongwa’s Movies and TV Shows

Karabo Magongwa is believed to be one of the “Next Gen” stars in the South African film industry in years to come. She has become a familiar face on television, and one people would love to watch on TV for much longer.

Her filmography includes:

  • Abomama
  • aYeYe
  • Bone of my Bones – season 1
  • Imposters
  • Tshepiso – season 1
  • The House of Zwide

Is Karabo Magongwa In Any Relationship?

Considering the young actress’ age, it may seem not factual for someone her age to be in a relationship. So it is safe to assume that Karabo Magongwa is probably not in any relationship, especially since she has never put forward anyone as her beau. Karabo Magongwa’s relationship status on Facebook shows that she is single.

However, there are reports that at some time in 2021, her Facebook relationship status showed that she was dating. The identity of this person, however, has been kept discreet and away from the media attention.

Is Karabo Magongwa On Social Media?

The teenage South African actress has accounts on a couple of platforms on social media – Facebook and Instagram. And from her growing popularity in the industry, she has gained a lot of fans and followers on her social media account. She is @karabo_magongwa on Instagram, where she has over 2k followers already, and Karabo Magongwa on Facebook.

Karabo Magongwa is undeniably growing into a force to be reckoned with in the South African entertainment industry – and Africa by extension. With all her career achievements at this young age, we can expect more from her in years to come and as she becomes an adult.

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