Who Is Galaletsang Koffman? Meet the Real-life Beauty from The River

Galaletsang Koffman is a fast-rising South African actress, voice-over artist, writer, and creative director. She was thrust into the public eyes after she played Beauty in The River, the popular South African TV series.

Koffman is easily recognized for portraying the character in The River. Besides being a screen actor, she also plies her trade in the theatre industry. She’s been part of several local theatrical plays and television shows. She has also worked with several notable actors, including South African screen diva Sandi Dlathu.

Summary of Galaletsang Koffman’s Biography 

  • Full name: Galaletsang Koffman
  • Nickname: Galaletsang
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: March 4, 1995
  • Galaletsang Koffman’s: 29 years old
  • Nationality: South Africa
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Siblings: 6 brothers
  • Galaletsang Koffman’s Net worth: $950,000
  • Famous for: Playing the character Beauty in the TV series, The River
  • Galaletsang Koffman’s Instagram: age_galaletsang
  • Twitter: @age_galaletsang
  • Facebook: Galaletsang Koffman

What is Beauty from The River’s Real Name?

Though popularly known by her character, Beauty, in the television series The River, the South African talented fast-rising actress’s real name is Galaletsang Koffman. Most of the actress’s fans, unfortunately, do not know her real name because of the fact that she is identified by her character name in The River.

Regardless, Galaletsang still does not feel bad whenever people call her Beauty in the real world or when it seems they feel she has the same personality as her TV character. Galaletsang is of Tswana origin, meaning “Praise” or “Glory to God.”

How old is Beauty from The River?

Galaletsang Koffman, who plays Beauty in the TV series The River, is currently 29 years old. He was born on March 4, 1995, in a hospital called Legae, in Pretoria, Gauteng province.

The actress was raised in another town called Makapanstad, which is in North West province. There’s little available information about her family background, upbringing, and life before fame. Also, all the members of her family are not known to the public.

The names of her parents and siblings are missing from the picture. Their origins and whereabouts are also unknown currently, as the actress has never publicly shared these aspects of their lives.

However, it is said that Galaletsang is the first child of her mother. It appears her father married another woman as the actress is the middle child of her father. She reportedly has six brothers who supposedly came from her father’s relationship.

It is difficult to tell what Koffman’s relationship with her father and siblings looks like considering that she doesn’t talk about them publicly. Instead, the actress has, on several occasions, spoken highly of her aunt, grandmother, and mother, who she mentions inspire her a lot.

The River screen star had her primary and high school education in the town she was raised. However, the names of the schools she attended are not available for public consumption.

Galaletsang furthered her education at the renowned AFDA arts institution, where she studied Live Performance. She also did her postgrad at the institution after she obtained her first degree there. Being someone who is passionate about art, she intends to boost her academic qualifications with more degrees.

Galaletsang Koffman Debuted As An Actress In 2015

The local television series The Road was the first project Koffman appeared in as an actress. Before then, she worked as a promo girl for the brand JIK. She made her first real money working for the brand after being recruited to distribute hand brochures to people at a Taxi rank.

Her big break came in 2015 when she successfully auditioned and won the role of Lefentse on The Road. She subsequently snagged another role in Foxy Chix, wherein she played the character Sboch.

The Pretoria-born actress has also starred in the popular South African TV series, Isithembiso. Her performance in the project was nothing short of amazing. In 2019, Koffman made appearances in the TV series Wollye & Collie and the thriller film, Uye & Kholi.

Koffman is also a model, but there’s no available information about her modeling career, including the name of her agency, the brands she has worked for, and the brands she has done jobs for. The actress wears many hats, as mentioned earlier. However, she is best known for her acting career.

Besides acting and modeling, she is also a creative director, voice-over artist, and writer, as seen on her Instagram bio. Though not the richest actress yet, Koffman has found so much fame and fortune in her acting career. She is already on her path to success and stands a chance of making it to the top of the ladder in the future.

The List Of Galaletsang Koffman’s Movies and TV Shows

  • The Road (2015)
  • Isithembiso
  • Foxy Chix
  • The River (2018)
  • Thula’s Vine (2017)
  • Wollye & Collie (2019)
  • Uye & Kholi (film, 2019)

The River Is Galaletsang Koffman’s Most Notable TV Show

Of all the actress’ works in the film and TV industry, The River remains her most notable and thriving job. Her character, Beauty, is a beautiful lady who works hard to become successful as an entrepreneur.

Beauty, who is also outspoken and flamboyant, is often misunderstood by people around her. She is a beautician who manages a salon. Galaletsang is the right actor for the role of Beauty, regardless of their differences.

How she manages to play a flamboyant and outspoken character, whereas, in real life, she is calm and collected, shows she is blessed with acting talent. The actress also believes that she and her character are of two different realities – while Koffman can fluently read and speak, the same cannot be said about Beauty, who cannot speak fluently but loves maximizing any opportunity that puts money in her pocket.

Koffman perfectly brings her character to life in the TV series, which is one of the reasons she is greatly loved by viewers of the show.

The Actress Has Been Linked To South African Photographer Thapelo Mabotja

Actress Galaletsang and South African Photographer Thapelo Mabotja are reportedly an item. However, not much is known about their relationship as per when and how they met and how long they’ve been together.

Thapelo is a fast-rising photographer with a decent following on Instagram. Information about his background, family, and career is difficult to come by. Koffman’s alleged boyfriend is currently based in Johannesburg, where he manages his photography business.

What Are The Actress’ Body Measurements?

Regarding her height, weight, and other body measurements, the actress is naturally blessed with a curvy body, but details of her exact body measurement are not available for public consumption.

Galaletsang is of average height. She has a decent weight as well. She has thousands of followers on her Instagram and Twitter accounts, where she is most active.

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