Who Is Daliwonga’s Girlfriend?

The name of Daliwonga’s girlfriend is Tarryn Reid. Word got out in April 2022 that the two music stars were in a romantic relationship when controversial entertainment blogger Musa Khawula made the revelation. 

Reid made the public believe she and the singer were more than friends on Daliwonga’s birthday in 2022 when she posted a lovely picture of themselves together with the caption, “Happy Birthday Handsome.”

Daliwonga’s Girlfriend is the Sensational DJ Tarryn Reid 

Tester hitmaker Daliwonga, originally born Daliwonga Matiwane, is reportedly seeing a talented and beautiful South African woman called Tarryn Reid. The two haven’t made their relationship publicly official; that’s why no one knows exactly how they met, when they got connected, and how long they’ve been together.

Known for being strictly secretive, Daliwonga has kept details about his love life to himself over the years. His decision to keep his fans in the dark about the woman in his life led to many people thinking he was single and probably searching.

However, following Musa’s revelation and a couple of pictures that surfaced online showing Daliwonga and Tarryn together at various places, there are more reasons now to believe that the Amapiano singer may have been secretly in love.

On Daliwonga’s birthday, Reid posted a cute picture of the singer backing her and captioned it: “Happy Birthday Handsome.” The post generated so many reactions online. However, Daliwonga has never commented on or addressed the relationship reports between him and Tarryn.

Tarryn Reid was Born in the 1990s

Though Tarryn currently resides in Johannesburg, she was actually born and raised in a township in the Eastern Cape province called Gqeberha in the 1990s. Her exact age is not public knowledge. She is the most famous person in her family, as other members of her family are not known to the public.

Not much is known about her background and upbringing except the fact that she was exposed to different genres of music by her parents as a young girl, including jazz and classical music.

Reid launched her career at the height of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic alongside her colleague Clairise Hefke, who also hails from Gqeberha. Before then, the two enrolled at the DJ school Kue DJ Academy.

The duo, professionally known as TxC, have performed in front of overwhelming crowds in the country. They have also sold their crafts outside the shores of the country, including in Germany and other European countries.

Daliwonga’s girlfriend Tarryn, through their music brand, has met and banded together with a lot of artists in the country, including Dinky Kunene, Unlimited Souls, Amaroto, DJ Task, and her alleged boyfriend.

TxC has also released several hit songs, such as Too Deep, Sgubh, and Elokishini. Their songs have severally topped charts and also receive impressive airplay across several radio stations in the country.

It Has Since Emerged that Daliwonga has Another Girlfriend

Daliwonga’s private life was recently thrust under the spotlight after a certain woman named Mbalenhle went on Instagram and proved that she and the Tester crooner are actually in a relationship.

According to reports, she took the decision to expose her relationship with the singer publicly because she felt she was tired of ‘being unknown’ in the public space.

One of her Instagram uploads was a screenshot of a message alleged to have been sent to her by Daliwonga reading, “I’m coming.” Her wallpaper as well appeared to be a man seated in the driver’s seat of a Volkswagen car.

In another photo, a screenshot of a message that is from someone saved as Daliwonga with the message “I love you okay” was also exposed. Mbalenhle and a man were also seen creating the shape of a heart with their fingers.

Daliwonga hasn’t responded to or commented on Mbalenhle’s claims on social media, which has apparently left the public confused and uncertain about his relationship status.

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