Who Is Busta 929, What is His Age and Latest Songs?

Busta 929 (Real Name: Thapelo Theo Ndou; Born: September 19th, 1992; Age: 31 years old) is an award-winning musician, record producer, and disc jockey famously known for his hit songs “Umsebenzi Wethu” and “Mmapula”. In 2022, the DJ released songs such as “Nirvana,” “Ngigcwele Ngaye,” and “Idlozi.”

Busta 929 was thrust into the spotlight by his single, “Umsebenzi Wethu” in 2021. Since then, he has released many smash songs through his record label, Thupa Industry. They include “Ngixolele” featuring Boohle, which clinched the top spot on The Official South African Charts (Tosac) in November 2021.

Busta 929’s Biography Summary

  • Full name: Thapelo Theo Ndou
  • Nickname: Busta 929, Baba ’92
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: September 19th, 1992
  • Busta 929’s Age: 31 years old
  • Place of birth: Midrand in Gauteng, South Africa
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Nationality: South African
  • Education: University of Johannesburg
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christian
  • Busta 929’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 7 inches
  • Busta 929’s Height in Centimetres: 170 cm
  • Busta 929’s Weight: 68-72 kg (149-158 lbs)
  • Busta 929’s Net worth: $1 million-$3 million
  • Famous for: His hit songs, Umsebenzi Wethu and Mmapula
  • Busta 929’s Instagram: @busta_929
  • Twitter: @busta_929
  • Facebook: @Busta929

How Old is Busta 929?

Busta 929 is 31 years old. He was born in Midrand in Gauteng, South Africa, on September 19th, 1992. Although he is yet to confirm his year of birth, it is presumed that he was born in 1992, following his special attachment to the number “92”.

DJ Busta’s father was a music lover, and so influenced him to become passionate about music.

He spent his childhood years in a township called Alexandra in the South of Johannesburg. He attended a local government school and then completed his higher education at the University of Johannesburg, where he achieved a Bachelor’s degree.

What is Busta 929’s Real Name?

Busta 929’s real name is Thapelo Theo Ndou. The origin of his stage name is still under wraps. However, the number “929” is assumed to have been gotten from his year and month of birth (1992-09).

As a kid, DJ Busta began his musical journey and attained incredible milestones at a young age, including releasing many chart-topping singles.

The Music Artist Released His Debut Album at 28 Years of Age

Following in the footsteps of his father, Busta 929 developed a keen interest in music when he was seven years old. He taught himself how to produce music with Fruityloops and eventually kickstarted a professional music career. For several years, he struggled to break out in the industry, encountering some difficulties.

Nonetheless, he managed to release a debut studio album titled Maba Jabul’Abantu together with record producer Mr. JazziQ in the year 2020 when he was 28 years old. In the following year, the skilled DJ emerged as a hitmaker following the success of his song with Mpura, “Umsebenzi Wethu,” which achieved multiple platinum. That same year, he released two more studio albums – Undisputed and Undisputed, Vol. 2.

Additionally, Busta 929 moved on to drop a collaborative project with his late colleague and friend, Mpura, an Extended Play titled Umsenbenzi Wethu Vol. 2. The EP was a tribute to his friend who died in a fatal car crash in early 2021. Recently, he has released many singles and albums and expressed his desire to work with non-amapiano artists in his upcoming projects.

He made the decision in order to give texture and depth to amapiano by fusing it with other genres like Kwaito, hip-hop, Gqom, and neo-soul, while still keeping its appearance intact.

What is Busta 929’s Latest Song Release?

Busta 929 ranks as one of Amapiano’s brightest stars. And thus, since early 2022, he has been exploring the beauty of the genre with his new release. In October 2022, he dropped a song titled “Nirvana,” which was well-received by his fans. He was also featured in DJ Gabzy’s single, ‘Ndodana’ alongside The Lowkeys in July 2022.

Furthermore, the award-winning singer released his fourth and fifth studio albums titled, ‘Undisputed Vol. 3’ and ‘Fearless’ in February and October 2022, respectively. He further released music videos for his singles; ‘Idlozi’, ‘Gqoz Gqoz’, and ‘Mmapula’ in the same year.

Thapelo’s Chart-topping Singles

Considered one of the faces of South Africa’s amapiano movement, Busta 929 is well-known for releasing club bangers. He has made a name for himself as a dynamic producer and DJ for getting parties started at a national level. In the last few years, he has released several songs that have topped the local and international charts.

In 2021, he dropped one of his biggest hits with Mpura, “Umsebenzi Wethu,” featuring JazziQ, Zuma, Lady Du, and Reece Madlisa. The song debuted in local charts in the country and has gained more than 1.6 million YouTube views. Additionally, his song, ‘Mmapula’ ft Mzu M, released in late 2021, did well in the country and has amassed over 3 million views on YouTube.

Following the launch of The Official South African Charts (Tosac) by the Recording Industry of South Africa (RiSA) in November 2021, Busta 929’s single with Boohle, ‘Ngixolele’ occupied the top spot on the chart after garnering over 778,000 streams across Apple Music, Spotify, and Deezer. As a chart-topping artist, Busta 929 reportedly charges R50,000 to perform in shows and events.

He Has Been Featured in Numerous Projects

Throughout his illustrious musical career, Thapelo Theo Ndou has worked on diverse projects. He is a constant feature in JazziQ’s music works. He was featured alongside Focalistic in Mr JazziQ’s solo single, “Hello Mo’Girl.” Later in 2021, he was featured in The Balcony Mix Africa Presents Major League DJz BRB Busta 929.

In the next year, he was on Reece Madlisa & Zuma’s song, “ly’ntsimbi Zase Envy,” as well on Xavi Yentin’s single, “Kude.” Other projects the record producer has worked on as a featured artist include:

  • Pepereza by Beast RSA
  • Ringo by DJ Jawz
  • Sebenza by Mgiftoz SA
  • Hamba Nobani by Boohle
  • Phoso by Trendy Kay & Dark Pearl
  • Makhelwane by Almighty

Busta 929 Owns Thupa Industry Record Label

Amapiano star Busta 929 serves as the founder and owner of a record label called Thupa Industry which was established in 2019. He has signed new talents under the record label since its launch and has been releasing most of his songs through the label.

In addition to Thupa Industry, the “Mmapula” crooner has worked with other record labels such as Prime Hold Consulting and Black Is Brown ENT.

Busta 929’s Songs and Albums

Busta 929’s Singles

  • Nirvana
  • Mmapula ft. Mzu M
  • Ngixolele ft. Boohle
  • Gqoz Gqoz ft. Mafidzodzo
  • Idlozi ft. Xavi Yentin
  • Ekseni ft. Boohle and Zuma
  • Uthando
  • Enkwarani
  • Ngigcwele Ngaye ft. Reece Madlisa & Zuma
  • Ezase Gomtown ft. Djy Vino
  • Fast Lane
  • Stoko ft. Bontle Smith
  • Tsodiyo ft. Focalistic
  • Umsebenzi Wethu 2.0 ft. Lady Du, Zuma, and Reece Madlisa
  • Dlala 929 ft. Nobantu Vilakazi
  • Impilo ft. Aymos & Pabi Cooper
  • Impande ft. Bassie
  • Hotel Service
  • Millions ft. Zwesh SA & Lolo
  • Yes We Are Thupa Industry ft. Almighty
  • Bonomona ft. Murumba Pitch

Busta 929’s Albums/EPs

  • Maba Jabul’abantu (2020)
  • Undisputed (2021)
  • Undisputed Vol. 2 (2021)
  • Umsebenzi Wethu Vol.2 EP (2021)
  • Undisputed Vol. 3 (2022)
  • Fearless (2022)
  • Baba 92’s Birthday Mix (2022)

The Musician Works as a Theme Music Composer

There’s no denying that Busta 929 is multi-faceted. He has established himself in a plethora of careers, including working as a theme music composer. In April 2022, the acclaimed music artist and Boohle composed “Ngixolele,” the theme music for The Black Door, a South African TV drama series created by Mpumelelo Nhlapho and Mandla N.

The song is the opening theme for the e.tv original production that stars Zamani Mbatha, Linda Sebezo, and Gabisile Tshabalala.

Busta 929 Has Received Many Accolades for His Music Endeavours

Having been showcasing the beauty of amapiano sound on the local and global stages with his electrifying music, Busta 929 has been recognised with a handful of award nominations. He has also won a few and hopes to scoop more awards with his upcoming projects.

In the year 2021, he gathered four nominations for the First Annual South African Amapiano Music Award and made away with one award. They are listed below:

Busta 929’s Award Nominations

  • South African Amapiano Music Award for Best Amapiano Produced Song (Umsebenzi Wethu), 2021
  • South African Amapiano Music Award for Best Amapiano Music Producer, 2021
  • South African Amapiano Music Award for Amapiano Song of The Year (Umsebenzi Wethu), 2021
  • South African Amapiano Music Award for Amapiano Album of The Year, 2021

Busta 929’s Award Wins

  • 2021 South African Amapiano Music Award for Amapiano Song of The Year (Umsebenzi Wethu)
  • 2021 All Africa Music Award for Best Newcomer

Is Busta 929 a Paedophile?

On many occasions, Busta 929 has made headlines for the wrong reasons, especially for his involvement with younger girls. Allegations of him being a paedophile have surfaced online on three occasions. Even though he explained the reasons for some of his actions, many South Africans still do not find them convincing.

As a result, the popular DJ has been dubbed Amapiano R. Kelly by some Twitter users. Below are the paedophile controversies the music star has courted thus far in his career:

Busta 929’s Instagram Live Session With Minors

Busta 929 was first accused of being a paedophile in June 2021 when two fourteen years old girls were seen in his Instagram Live post, with one of the girls being almost unclad as she was only wrapped in a towel. The video raised eyebrows when someone claiming to be a sister to the girls reported that they actually went to see the amapiano singer perform at a club called Rooftop Mohlakeng. The girls were deemed missing after their whereabouts were unknown.

DJ Busta later released a statement apologising for not sending the girls home after realising they left without their parent’s consent. He explained that he and his team picked the girls up whilst driving from a night out. Then, one of the girls showed interest in making music with him, and that’s why he took them home to work at his home studio.

He further stated that one of the girls was seen wrapped in a towel because the recording lasted for over two days, and she decided to shower at his place. He assured South Africans that nothing happened between him and the girls, as his crew and girlfriend were around during the recording sessions.

While Busta 929 cited that the girls’ stayed for over two days at his place, their alleged sister revealed that they stayed at the artist’s house for five days.

His Cosy Picture With an Alleged 17-Years Old

In February 2022, Thapelo Theo Ndou found himself trending on social media again after a picture of him being affectionate with an alleged 17-year-old girl surfaced online. The amapiano singer was seen in the picture cuddling and kissing the young lady on the cheek while taking a selfie in front of a mirror.

The girl was also seen in another picture wearing the same dress in what looked like a hotel room and holding two bottles of alcohol. After the pictures emerged online, Busta 929 topped the Twitter trend list as he was accused of being a paedophile. However, the musician’s alleged underage girlfriend later publicised her real age on Facebook and said she was 19 and not 17 or 15 years old, as speculated.

The Accusation of Impregnating a 17-Year-Old Girl

For the third time, the award-winning musician topped the trend list on Twitter in May 2022 when he was accused of impregnating a 17-year-old by Musa Khawula. The controversial entertainment blogger stated in his post that Busta 929 had impregnated a teenager called Tshepang, who was in Grade 11 when he made the post.

Making matters worse, the ‘Ngixolele’ singer decided to play down the allegation by making jest of it with a Twitter post captioned, “When am I getting an award for always trending here on Twitter?” Following his reply, outrage broke out on the social media platform, with many cautioning him to be careful of terminating his career with his flirtatious behaviour towards teenage girls.

Other Controversies The Record Producer Has Been Involved in

Busta 929 is no stranger to controversy. Thus, he is considered a controversial music artist. Besides the paedophile allegations, the Midrand-born has been embroiled in several other controversies since coming to the limelight. While he responded to some of the allegations, he chose to keep mum on others. Here are some of the widely known controversies he has been involved in.

Cyan Boujee Allegation of Sexual Harassment

South African influencer Cyan Boujee left Busta 929’s-owned Thupa Industry in August 2022. She cited sexual harassment, among other things, as the reason for her decision. She released a termination press statement to notify the public of her decision to terminate her contract with the record label due to the unprofessional behaviour she experienced during her five-month stay with the company.

She revealed in the statement that after signing with the label, Busta 929 made known to her his desire to pursue a non-business relationship with her which she declined. Boujee also explained that the DJ blocked her number after telling him about her decision to terminate her contract. Consequently, she resolved to get assistance from her lawyer, who then helped to get her contract terminated. DJ Busta never replied to Cyan Boujee’s sexual harassment claim to date.

Exploitation Claims Made By Mgiftoz Entertainer

Additionally, in May 2022, Thapelo was called out by an amapiano artist called Mgiftoz Entertainer, who made exploitation claims against him. He cited that he worked as a songwriter and vocalist for some of Busta 929’s trending songs and didn’t get the credit he deserved. Replying to Mgiftoz Entertainer, the Thupa Industry owner released a press statement in the same month, refuting his claims.

He clarified that the artist was credited as a feature or songwriter on the projects he contributed to. And that his statement can be verified on digital streaming platforms. He also disclosed that Mgiftoz was duly paid for his contributions. He, however, didn’t divulge whether the artist owns a portion of the song’s royalties. Busta 929 further asked the amapiano artist to take back his claims or face legal action.

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