White Monopoly Capital Is the Ultimate Enemy, ANC The Immediate Threat – Malema


The EFF leader will never go back to the ANC. He will instead, work hard to completely destroy the party.

When he’s done destroying the ruling party, he will channel his strength towards liberating the nation from white monopoly capital.

For according to the EFF leader, white monopoly capital is the ultimate enemy of the country. And ANC, the immediate threat.

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Mr. Malema made the remarks while he visited KwaZulu-Natal over the weekend to address and introduce the Interim Leadership Cores for the province.

Speaking, Juju told a cheering crowd that EFF didn’t form a coalition with the DA but only voted against the ANC to save the country.

“For your information,” he said, “we have not gone into coalition with anyone. We voted for the removal of the ANC”

He stressed that the EFF would’ve voted for any party that would remove the ANC.

“The ANC is an immediate threat to South Africa,” he started. “We voted for the removal of the ANC. We did not vote for the DA or the IFP.

“Anything that would have removed the ANC, we would have voted for them.”

With that, the EFF lord asserted that white monopoly capital is the ultimate enemy of the country. That, he said, necessitated the fight for economic freedom.

Hear him – “we are fighting white monopoly capital. But if we do not deal with the immediate threat called the ANC, by the time we defeat white people, when we come back, there will be not a country called South Africa. It will be destroyed by the ANC.”

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Juju asserted that the ANC would need EFF’s help to govern South Africa after the next national election.

“When the ANC gets less than 50% and needs the vote of the EFF to govern SA, we will tell them here are the votes, but we are collapsing the ANC and the EFF into one new organisation.

“We will find the name and we do away with the ANC completely and its history with its legacy of succumbing to white supremacy,” stated Malema.