White Monopoly Capital: Malema Has Become The Bulldog Of White Capital


BLF (Black First Land First) says the EFF leader, Julius Malema sellout.

And, that he’s striving to cover up being a traitor with his “illogical” claim about giving whites power to defeat the ANC; after-which he’ll conquer the whites.

To BLF, Malema’s approach as indicated above, shows massive historical amnesia.

“Malema doesn’t know whites oppressed the black majority for over 350 years. How can he say it would be easy to defeat them? This is self delusion to hide cowardice,” BLF upheld.

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BLF also upheld that Malema has become the bulldog of white capital. This is so because the EFF leader accuses any one who fights against white capital as an agent of the Guptas.

Describing Malema’s attacks on the public protector as “shocking and unwarranted”, BLF said: “the only sin of advocate Mkhwebane is that she dared to hold white monopoly capital accountable.

“What angered Malema the most is the leaked report of the Public Protector which calls on ABSA to pay back the money stolen from the South African Reserve Bank (SARB).

“The attack on the public protector is calculated to divert attention from ABSA so that it continues to benefit from the unlawful ‘life boats’.”

BLF narrated that it called on the EFF leader “to forget Renwick and Johann Rupert” and join the call to occupy ABSA.

“This is a revolutionary call for unity in action,” the party said, (but) again, “Malema chooses to hide behind the Guptas, using irrational logic that he is the first to make the call and then he says the call to occupy ABSA is a Gupta call.

“What’s clear is that everyone who is for decolonization is labelled a Gupta agent.

“It would seem that Malema does not want to upset London and Johann Rupert hence dodging any confrontation with ABSA.

“Malema even said EFF would occupy ABSA the day after the announcement of the repo rate. How many repo rate announcements have come and gone since 2015?” BLF asked

Afterwards, BLF praised the public protector for her work. While at that, the party honored President Mugabe “for his visionary leadership which has liberated Zimbabwe from British colonialism.”

With that, BLF called on “our people” to focus, unite and “defeat settler white monopoly capital.”

“The British colonial masters have failed to destroy the Zimbabwean chimurenga, which has led to the liberation of Zimbabwe and return of land to her people under the leadership of president Robert Mugabe.

Now, the new attempts of regime change for the recolonisation of Zimbabwe are made from South Africa by the agents of London.

We say, hands off President Robert Mugabe! Only the people of Zimbabwe shall remove their president through popular will.

The call by EFF leader, Juluis Malema, to remove President Mugabe is an instruction from their London handler, Lord Robin Renwick.”

According to BLF, Malema changed his tune on Mugabe after meeting Renwick and others under the secret rules at Chatham house in October 2015.

“It must be remembered that in February of the same year, Malema had been calling President Mugabe an African hero,” BLF pointed-out.

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Also, BLF acknowledged what it called an “ongoing economic terrorism” against the people of Zimbabwe.

Adding that the economic terrorism against Zimbabweans is a form of punishment for taking back their land, BLF disclosed that it will be sending a delegation to the Zimbabwean liberation day commemoration on the 18 of April 2017.

“We draw inspiration in the resilience of the people of Zimbabwe and the uncompromising leadership of President Mugabe. We shall learn from the whole experience of the Zimbabwean land struggle. Its challenges and its successes,” said the party.