Pics: White Minority Party Hails Black Man Who Called Other Blacks ‘Smelly Thugs’


A black Donald Trump supporter from Pretoria is currently feeling tense and ill at ease for calling black people “smelly, illiterate, disgusting thugs”.

So far, Sam Morifi has not only become an overnight social media hero for his comments, he has earned an immeasurable score of love and admiration from the white folks.

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In a Facebook statement that has since gone viral, he expressed his profound love for white people, describing them as a decent and harmless set of people.

In his post titled: ‘Dear God, Help Black South African’s See The Truth’, Morifi took a swipe at black people for leading a dishonest, roguish and amoral lifestyle.

The courageous hero claimed that wherever one finds fewer black people, one also finds less crime; adding that this plays out in most prisons in the country.

Morifi explained that most prisons in the country are occupied by blacks because they are deceptive, double-faced and false-hearted.

To him, white people are different – because they have never laid their hands on him or robbed him, throughout the periods he had transactions with them.

He wrote: “… I’ve had racial run-ins with white people in some areas but never once have they laid a hand on me or tried to take my belongings. They would rather become suspicious of me and say some stuff because of my skin colour and that’s far as it will go.

“I’ve never had my money or phone taken by a white. Isn’t it time we stop being so politically correct and admit that skin colour in 3rd world countries counts? It counts a lot.”

Morifi’s post got so many whites commenting and reacting. In fact, the post was republished on the Facebook page of a white minority party – Front National.

As expected, it was massively liked and shared by the white folks, with many praising him for taking such bold step. Others, however, expressed concern that he might incur his people’s trouble.

A Facebook user with the name Deon Zowitzkey replied: “Well spoken sir hope you do not get crucified for speaking your mind and shining a light on the truth of the matter… And I know there are a lot of black people that see things the same point of view as yourself and I know they will agree with you wholeheartedly.”

When Morifi was contacted to establish if he was the author of the post, he began to apologise, saying he was emotional when he made the post.

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He explained that he had been feeling emotional after a group of black men stole his iPhone in Pretoria.

Morifi’s post on the Front National Facebook page reads: