White Genocide: Hofmeyr Insists He Can Pay For His Flight Ticket To Visit Trump


South African singer, Steve Hofmeyr has reiterated his readiness to meet the President of the United States Donald Trump over what is believed to be a “white genocide” in South Africa.

Last month, BuzzSouthAfrica reported that Hofmeyr said he plans to represent a group which approached him and farmers’ rights activist, Henk van de Graaf to meet Trump for the independence of white South Africans.

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In an interview with Netwerk24 on Tuesday, the singer said he is ready to embark on the trip but he lamented that getting an invitation from the White House is the real problem.

Hofmeyr explained that paying for his own air ticket to visit Trump is not also a problem as he can get up to R100 000 per day if Trump finally invites him.

He said: “Fundraising is not the problem. I get up to R100 000 offers per day. The diplomatic red tape is more problematic, and tweets to Ivanka (Trump’s daughter) do not help.”

BuzzSouthAfrica understands that Hofmeyr believes that Afrikaners in South Africans are being targeted in a genocidal campaign and that a man named John-Dex Rudman has been driving a campaign for Hofmeyr to take the plight of Afrikaners to the White House.

Rudman is said to have been sending tweets about Hohmeyr’s ambition directly to Ivanka Trump and Trump’s wife, Melania but has not even received a bit of their attention on the matter.

Yesterday, the singer distanced himself from a fundraising platform, Kommando Sorg, that has been raising funds for his trip overseas for the talks.

Hofmeyr took the step after he learned that the collection of money was a scam and that head of the organization John-Dex Rudman had a criminal history.


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He reacted on Facebook by saying: “…The campaign is still a great project that would have worked better with all the role-players’ co-operation.

“Mister Rudman and I have not spoken to each other at all. The real test of his bona fides will be if he refunds each donor with their money or to keep the money safe until a White House visit could happen.”

Rudman, on the hand, has since reacted to Hofmeyr’s withdrawal. He said the singer withdrew because he [Hofmeyr] does not engage in any dishonesty.

He insisted that he was innocent of the allegations and that he has invited Hofmeyr via SMS to the organization’s offices in Despatch so that he can prove his innocence.