For Madiba, BLF Occupied Public Protector’s Office To Crush White Capital Corruption


Black First, Land First (BLF) leader Anndile Mngxitama and his supporters bagged trouble after they occupied the Public Protector’s office in Pretoria for Madiba.

BLF said their action was to honors Mandela’s service to humanity. They wanted the Public Protector to act against white corruption.

The party claimed that the Public Protector has been prioritizing complaints brought by the DA. They argued that Madonsela is protecting white capital. And, has always exerted more dedication in all investigations involving black people.

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At the public protector’s office, Mngxitama demanded a meeting with the Public Protector Thuli Madonsela.

Security official informed him that Madonsela was in Johannesburg doing charity work to honor Nelson Mandela.  Mngxitama and his supporters rejected the information and occupied one of the offices.

Subsequently, armed police came to manage the situation. Mngixitama and about 22 supporters were arrested for entering the office illegally.

Mngxitama arrested with his BLF comrades

Mngitixama said the office of the public protector lied to the police saying the office was under attack by armed robbers. They wanted BLF members shot.

“There (was) no violence. We just want a meeting with the public protector. We have written letters to her, she has not responded.

They don’t even respond to our emails (so) we decided let us come and meet her. This is our problem, she is prioritizing all the investigations against black people.

Now she has more money for Nkandla, but she does not have money to deal with white capital corruption,” remarked the BLF leader.

In response, Madonsela’s spokesperson Oupa Segalwe insinuated that BLF’s action was violent. Segalwe related that they jumped over the desk at reception to gain entry to the rest of the building.

Some BLF members allegedly tried to force three staff members to call Madonsela to come to the office. While others poured petrol on a carpet at the second floor.

“The public protector is not impressed with the BLF’s attention-seeking stunts. She is dismayed by the group’s invasion of the office, traumatizing staff.  The British spy report says the funds were recoverable. Our investigation is still ongoing,” Segalwe stated.

Investigate White Capital Corruption

The BLF leader however insisted that their action was peaceful.

“BLF members charged with public violence and trespassing. There was no violence and how do we trespasses at a public building?

(We were) carrying out the #67MinutesForMadiba at the public protector’s office. We demand action on white corruption.

(We were) arrested for demanding #R26billion stolen by white capital. This matter is easy. Let public protector tell us, where is the report she promised to deliver before end of 2015, he tweeted.

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Above all, Mngitixama begged Madonsela to investigate white capital corruption for Madiba’s sake.