Where Is Tumi from The River Now?

Larona Moagi is the real name of Tumi from The River. The actress is still active but hasn’t been seen in any film or TV series since she exited the famous South African soap opera. 

Maogi hasn’t branched to a different career as her critics would have loved her to do. She revealed in her most recent interview that she was working on new TV roles and various brand campaigns.

When Did Tumi Exit The River?

Tumi exited The River in early 2021, precisely at the end of season 3 of the show, which ended around February. She left the show after her character Larona was killed by her mother Lindiwe.

Tumi’s exit from the show came as a big relief to most of the show’s viewers. Right from when she debuted in season 1, Moagi’s perceived poor performance had been questioned by a lot of people.

According to most viewers, Tumi’s role was apparently bigger than her and needed someone with more acting experience and skill. The actress surprisingly survived the whole criticism in seasons 1 and 2 of the show.

The River production team eventually bowed to pressure toward the end of season 3 when they killed off Moagi’s character. Although they never admitted to killing her character due to pressure from viewers, many people felt the actress’s not-so-impressive performance on the screen was the reason she was axed.

When reports about the actress went viral, a lot of viewers commended the producers of the show for taking the right step, which they considered long overdue. Larona, on her part, simply confirmed that she was leaving the show without mentioning the reason for the exit.

Tumi’s exit from the show was, however, frowned at by some people who felt the actress should have been given more chance to grow in her role. They criticized The River’s producers for always bowing the pressure from viewers, just like in the case of the characters Mbali and Lindani, who were killed off due to pressure from viewers.

How Did Tumi Die on the Show?

Moagi’s character was killed while she was in a helicopter by her biological mother. Tumi, who did not initially know that Lindiwe was her biological mother, was always a stone-throw away from killing her.

In fact, on several occasions, both of them tried to kill each other due to the secrets they keep. However, they usually end up finding a way to reconcile and find their way back to each other.

The last straw that broke the camel’s back was Tumi’s confession and admission of being the one who killed Lindiwe’s daughter Mbali. She was able to end her life by tampering with the wires of Lindiwe’s brakes with the hope that Lindiwe will drive the car after she sneaked into her mansion.

Unfortunately, Mbali ended up driving the car and crashing to her death. Tumi’s confession got Lindiwe so angry that she planned to revenge.

Lindiwe shot down the helicopter Tumi was in and also buried her after she died. Meanwhile, she was declared missing at home.

Where is Tumi from The River Now, and What is She up to?

Moagi shared during her last media interview that she had been busy working on some big TV roles. However, she declined to mention any of the projects she had been working on. She is yet to be seen in any TV series or film since she exited The River.

The actress was spotted at the Joburg Film Festival, where she showed up to show great support for the industry. The event took place in early February 2023.

The actress is most active on Instagram, and she uses her page to promote products of elite brands to her over 280,000 followers.

Some of the products she has promoted on her page include but are not limited to Kotex, Cerave skin product, and Olmeca tequila.

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